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Tesla's Three Levels of Ludicrous Mode Explained and Demonstrated


A Tesla owner-enthusiast explained the three levels of Ludicrous Mode, for those who want to test their performance vehicles’ limits. Based on Eli Burton’s time test results in each Ludicrous level, his Tesla Model S can go fast—warp-speed fast. Regardless of what Top Gear claimed during its Launch gate kerfuffle, the Tesla Model S Performance can go more quickly than a measly 11.08s on the quarter-mile.

Recently, Tesla owner Eli Burton explained the three levels of Ludicrous Mode and showed the world how fast his Tesla Model S Performance could really go. According to the YouTuber, the three levels are Ludicrous, Ludicrous+, and Ludicrous+ with Warp Mode. 

Most Tesla enthusiasts know that Ludicrous Mode can boost the electric vehicle’s acceleration. Ludicrous+ takes it to the next level by enabling Max Battery Power and Launch Mode. 


Credit: My Tesla Adventure/YouTube

With Max Battery Power, a Tesla’s battery will heat up at a higher temperature than in Ludicrous Mode for maximum performance on the drag strip. Burton explained that reaching maximum battery temperature will take time. How long it will take depends on certain factors, like the weather or if the Tesla was driven beforehand. He said that Launch Mode could be used even if the batteries of his Tesla Model S weren’t at max temperature, but it would affect the overall performance of the vehicle. 

Aside from Max Battery Power, Ludicrous+ also activates Launch Control. This allows the driver to push on the brake and accelerator at the same time, and once the race begins, the driver can release the brake for instant maximum power, allowing for a strong launch.

If Ludicrous+ isn’t enough, though, there is Ludicrous+ with Warp Mode. Yes, there is a difference. As Burton explained in his YouTube video, enabling Warp Mode increases a Tesla battery’s heating capacity past its max limit by 5 degrees. According to the Model S owner, that small temperature spike was the difference between a low 10.6s time on the quarter-mile and a 10.5s record. 


Credit: My Tesla Adventure/YouTube

Burton said at 100 percent battery with Ludicrous+, but without Warp Mode, he could do low 10.6s on the quarter-mile. At 96 to 98 percent battery power with Ludicrous+ and Warp Mode, he could hit 10.5s, about a tenth-second difference, on the quarter-mile. Warp Mode also affects 0-60 performance, so there is a slight difference with it on—and professional racers know that can affect the outcome tremendously on the strip.

Speed is one of the most essential features for car enthusiasts when they are looking for their next vehicle. Some car fans don’t consider Teslas as a vehicle built for speed or for drivers that enjoy the thrill of the racetrack. They think Teslas are niche vehicles presumably because they can’t be tuned or tinkered with like gasoline cars. But that isn’t stopping Tesla owners or Elon Musk.  

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