A Huge Silhouette of Tesla Cybertruck Was Spotted on the Wall of Giga Texas

Eva Fox by Eva Fox August 26, 2021

A Huge Silhouette of Tesla Cybertruck Was Spotted on the Wall of Giga Texas

Image: Austin Tesla Club | Eva Fox

Tesla installed a facade on Giga Texas that resembles the silhouette of Cybertruck. It could be a coincidence, a simple Tesla-style prank, or a real decoration for a factory that will produce the iconic electric pickup truck.

Tesla's factory in Texas is primarily associated with Cybertruck. Despite the fact that the first cars to roll off the assembly line will be Model Y, the whole world is awaiting the start of Cybertruck production. Although Model Y is a very popular and desired car, at the moment there are already two company factories producing it. Thus, Tesla partially satisfies the demand for Model Y, while Cybertruck is not yet in production, and the number of pre-orders for it is steadily growing more astounding.

Tesla knows full well that the Cybertruck is a highly anticipated vehicle, so it seems to be wanting to do something special for the impatient future owners and its community. Recently, several Tesla enthusiasts and owners noticed something unusual about Giga Texas. A frame and partly a facade appeared on the western wall, which in shape resembled the silhouette of Cybertruck. When the lines are connected, approximately keeping the given proportions, a rather curious silhouette has appeared, which only vaguely resembles the shape of Cybertruck. However, ultimately, the angle of view can have a significant impact on its perception.

There is a possibility that Tesla really wants to decorate the facade of the building with the silhouette of Cybertruck, which would be really cool and unique. Also, do not discount the possibility that the company made another joke in its traditional style to cheer up the community, charging up the anticipation of the start of production of the steel beast. Nevertheless, the appearance of this silhouette may be just an accident, although is quite surprising.

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