A Tesla Rally Racing School & Resort Looks to Blend Rugged Fun with Tranquility

A Tesla Rally Racing School & Resort Looks to Blend Rugged Fun with Tranquility

Several businessmen have teamed up to create something extraordinary: A Tesla Rally Racing School With Resort. In Mariposa, CA, about 35 miles west of Yosemite National Park's Arch Rock entrance, where there is no road—only dirt and trees, rocks and cows—Willie Morris, Gary Vaynerchuk, John Cahalin and David Taylor are planning a large-scale resort centered on an electric vehicle park and an off-road driving school, writes SFGATE.

While the 2,000-acre project is still in its early stages, it promises to be an unforgettable destination for outdoor activities and to connect with nature.

There are quite a few off-road driving schools that are conducted on ice or snow. This group of guys wants to give people the same driving experience, but on a controlled dirt surface, which is insanely fun, but also completely safe for learning to drive.

Morris, the owner of a Tesla Model 3, is impressed with the car's performance: 
"The Model 3 is a beast. With its dual engines, the Tesla can change where the engines ’power is going almost instantaneously - very important when you’re on variable surfaces like dirt or whipping the car around. And because it’s so smart, it makes off-road driving a lot easier because it handles the weight transfer on its own rather than requiring the driver to learn new, harder techniques like left foot braking. Then you have all the things that just make electric better - torque, power, better acceleration curves, etc. Add in the fact that it's quiet and not burning gas, and you have a home run."

Photo: Ashley Harrell

In order to drive off-road, Morris made only a couple of minor changes to his Model 3: he raised the car by 2 inches, added some adjustable shock absorbers and put new tires on it.


Morris says that Tesla's emergence as an all-electric brand has changed his perception of electric vehicles. Tesla began offering "insane performance and specs, but I still think that most people don’t realize just how far ahead electric vehicles are or how fun they can be."

Every time guys took someone off-roading in the Tesla, the first thing they say when their adrenaline levels calm down is, “I can’t believe a Tesla can do that!”

Photo: Ashley Harrell

The driving school tries to cover the whole spectrum—from people who like high-action and adrenaline (such as off-road driving) to people who are seeking more of a relaxed stay and want to do stuff like hike and maybe pick some fresh ingredients at the farm or garden to cook with. The whole concept is to show that these two worlds can actually live harmoniously together, thanks to Tesla.

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