Tesla CEO Elon Musk Will Attend 2020 World AI Conference in Shanghai

by Eva Fox July 01, 2020

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Will Attend 2020 World AI Conference in Shanghai

Artificial Intelligence has become the main driver of a new round of industrial transformation and has an extremely profound impact on the global economy, social progress, and human life.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk will attend the 2020 World AI Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai. For safety in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, the summit will be held online. Musk attends the conference for the second time, last year he held a debate with founder Alibaba Jack Ma Yun.

With the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity Indivisible Community", the World Artificial Intelligence Conference will be a "high-level, international, professional, market-orientend, and intelligent" platform attracting the most influential AI scientists and entrepreneurs around the world as well as government leaders to converse and talk about the technological frontiers, industry trends and provoking issues in AI in forms of speeches and high-level forums.

The WAIC will not only air the most authoritative views and consensus but also show the most cutting-edge technologies, latest products, applications, and ideas. In order to cope with the common problems in human development and create a better life for mankind, the WAIC will acquire the "World’s Wisdom" on one hand and create the "Chinese solution" on the other.

The 2020 World Conference on Artificial Intelligence will be held from July 9 to July 11, 2020 in Shanghai. The theme of the conference is "Intelligent Connectivity Indivisible Community".

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