American Queen Voyages will equip its entire cruise ship fleet with SpaceX Starlink

American Queen Voyages will equip its entire cruise ship fleet with SpaceX Starlink

American Queen Voyages (AQV) will equip its entire cruise ship fleet with SpaceX Starlink. The Indiana-based company announced that all its seven vessels will have access to the high-speed satellite internet service. “Upgrading our included Wi-Fi to Space X’s Starlink will enhance the guest and crew experience on all of our vessels,” said American Queen Voyages President Cindy D’ Aoust. “This new internet service will now allow guests to stay connected while deeply discovering North America, enjoying the comforts of at-home Wi-Fi at sea,” they stated in a press release on February 9. 

AQV is the first cruise line company in the United States that will equip its entire fleet, including paddlewheel riverboats, boutique exploration vessels, and expedition ships. The company said that Starlink will also feature technology by FMC Global Sat 5G solution. “FMC’s innovative solutions integrated with Starlink’s connectivity enables applications and services that require low latency and significant Mbps of bandwidth that were, until now, considered unrealistic or cost prohibitive. We are pleased to help provide American Queen Voyage passengers and crew with best-in-class internet connectivity wherever they travel.”

AQV’s American Queen, American Countess, and Ocean Navigator cruise ships already have Starlink installed and are ready to provide reliable internet to passengers and crew. The rest of the fleet will soon receive the hardware, including the award-winning AQV cruise lines Rivers, Lakes & Oceans, and Expedition vessels. As of today, SpaceX provides maritime coverage globally with approximately 3,600 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit. The company already provides service to over one million subscribers. 

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