Tesla Charging Tech Could be Used in Start-up Aptera’s Planned 1000-Mile Tri-Wheeled BEV

Tesla Charging Tech Could be Used in Start-up Aptera’s Planned 1000-Mile Tri-Wheeled BEV

Aptera Motors is an American start-up company based in San Diego, California that was created to produce high-performance road vehicles. The company recently unveiled a prototype of its first vehicle, possibly using Tesla's charging technology.

The company's first product is a battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV), consuming just under 100 Wh per mile, with an estimated 1,000-mile EPA test cycle range, and solar panels that Aptera says could add up to 40 miles of range per day.

Thus, the Aptera is being promoted as the world's first "Never Charge" EV. While this claim could be possible, it should be kept in mind that it will only be feasible if the owner lives in a sufficiently sunny region, and only travels short distances. In any other case, the car will still have to be charged from the grid. And for this, the company may have used Tesla's charging technology.

After watching the video presented by the company, InsideEVs noticed that a port is installed in the vehicle, which visually looks like Tesla's charging port.


Tesla Model S

At the moment, Tesla's Supercharger Network is only available to Tesla owners. That being said, Tesla China VP Grace Tao recently indicated that, in the future, the network could become open to other electric vehicles.

As of today, Aptera does not have serial production, so the company has yet to bring its product to the market on a mass scale. If this succeeds, then even still, we would see them no sooner than in a few years. With this in mind, it is possible that Tesla and Aptera have some kind of deal. For a start-up, this would make a lot of sense and would be a great advantage. It would also not contradict Tesla's policies and their plans for the future. However, at the moment there is no other data that could confirm or deny this.


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