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Berlin's Environment and Transport Senator Regine Günther chooses Tesla Model 3 as a new company car

Berlin's Environment and Transport Senator Regine Günther chooses Tesla Model 3 as a new company car
German politicians are increasingly using Tesla as a company car.

8 senators and 25 secretaries of state in Germany, rent their company car for about a year. When the contract ends, politicians select their next car from a list compiled by the Senate Department of the Interior in consultation with the Office of Public Administration. “Leasing contracts do not expire at the same time, but at different times,” said Tino Brabetz, a spokesman for the Senate Department of the Interior.

According to him, the company vehicles must meet certain criteria - for example, auxiliary heating are mandatory so that drivers don't have to freeze for a long waiting time.

The list of cars (updated approximately twice a year):
  • Audi (5 models);
  • BMW (4 models);
  • Daimler (2 models);
  • Volkswagen (1 model);
  • Tesla (1 model).

Berlin Environment and Transport Senator Regine Günther has chosen the Tesla Model 3 as the new company car. “For me, a car without CO2 is important, big enough to work in it, without being too big like an SUV,” said Günther.

Tesla is building its factory near Berlin and now it will become part of the German economy. Therefore, Günther said that "Tesla is now also a contribution to the creation of local values."

Starting in May, the politician will drive an electric car for rides to business meetings. Günther, as a spokeswoman for the Green Party, supports the decision of the American company to create a Tesla Gigafactory 4 southeast of Berlin.

Her decision to drive the Tesla Model 3 is also symbolic and demonstrates to German automakers that they are very weak in the transition to electric mobility. Until that moment, local car companies offered low rental rates for their luxury cars, so politicians chose them as their official cars. But with the advent of Tesla in Germany, this situation has changed.

Earlier, Secretary of State for Education Beate Stoffers already chose Tesla: "I looked at the CO2 values ​​and range, and I also support a company that invests in the Berlin region."

Tesla’s impressive results demonstrate its power. The automaker, whose main goal is not to pollute the environment, is gradually paving its way to achievement of this. Tesla has launched the process of switching to electric vehicles around the world, including the country, which is the heart of the automotive industry in Europe. German politicians are gradually rethinking the value of environmentally friendly transport, so there is great hope that the German auto industry will begin the transition to electric cars at a faster pace.

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