Biden Admin Now Ready to Consult with Tesla & Elon Musk—For Help Resolving Semiconductor Shortage

Biden Admin Now Ready to Consult with Tesla & Elon Musk—For Help Resolving Semiconductor Shortage

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The Biden administration has expressed its readiness to consult with Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk on how to resolve semiconductor shortages. The government still cannot publicly acknowledge Tesla's leadership in the EV field but is happy to get its help in solving problems for the US auto industry.

Joe Biden administration Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said she was ready to consult with Elon Musk on how to improve the semiconductor supply chain shortage affecting the auto industry, Bloomberg reports.

The announcement comes amid growing tensions over the fact that the Biden administration, and the president himself, are ignoring the existence of Tesla, avoiding any comments about the manufacturer. Things got to the point of absurdity when the president repeatedly announced to the world that GM is the leader in the EV field, which not only was completely untrue but also neglected any achievements of Tesla. The Texas-based company is the top-selling EV brand in the US and globally and is rightfully considered the leader of the EV revolution worldwide. Besides this, Tesla cars are the most American-made, according to the Index.

However, when things came to a head and the US auto industry is in a very difficult position, the Biden administration now wants to turn to Tesla for its own benefit. The US automotive industry, like the rest of the world, continues to face shortages of components, and the most critical is the shortage of semiconductors. This slows down the pace of production, which affects not only companies and consumers, but also the country's economy. Meanwhile, through tireless and painstaking work, Tesla found a way to arrange the supply of semiconductors for their cars. Now the Biden administration believes that Tesla should ignore the snub of its merits and get to work to help the US auto industry.

“None of this is personal,” Raimondo said in an interview Thursday with CNBC. “These issues are way too important for anyone to have, you know, feelings hurt. Like—let's just do the work. And as I said, anyone who has good ideas or is willing to help us, absolutely we want the help.”

Raimondo said she thought Tesla had better dealt with the chip shortage that has heavily impacted car manufacturing due to its origins as a tech company, while traditional Detroit automakers were still “learning quickly” about how to manage semiconductor supply chains. In addition, the Minister also downplayed the animosity between Biden and Musk, saying that she was unaware of the administration's policy that would not allow her to seek advice from Tesla.

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