Bitcoin & Ethereum Are Most Popular in California & Illinois, Data Show

Bitcoin & Ethereum Are Most Popular in California & Illinois, Data Show

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A cryptocurrency market aggregation web portal conducted a study on which US state residents are most interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The data showed that these top cryptocurrencies are the most requested in California and Illinois.

On September 2, cryptocurrency market aggregation web portal published a study identifying ten states in the US that are most interested in the two leading digital currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, reports. The team leveraged Coingecko’s page traffic data and found that California captures 43% of the traffic visiting Bitcoin and Ethereum web pages.

Between May 2 and August 21, 2022, Coingecko researchers conducted a study that aimed to identify the top 10 and 20 states in America that are most interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The portal used the site's web traffic data and indexed the data set. Coingecko is very popular as it has a global rating of 1,743 and a US rating of 3,150.

In the last month, recorded 44.4 million visits according to statistics on September 3. The study shows that California and Illinois dominate all the states of the US. Meanwhile, residents of Illinois visited the Bitcoin web page much more often than the Ethereum web page. Most of the top 20 states have a higher Bitcoin score, but states like New Jersey, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Florida have a higher Ethereum score. Coingeco's research shows that of the top 20 states, interest in Bitcoin dominates at 76% while Ethereum takes 24%. New Jersey and Indiana had the lowest rankings of the top 20.

The second most interested state was followed by New York, Florida, Washington, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, and Arizona.

Coingecko’s COO and co-founder Bobby Ong explained that he wasn’t surprised that California was the most dominant state in the U.S. regarding interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum. “It is unsurprising that California, as one of the world’s major technological hubs, takes the crown in ‘blue-chip’ cryptocurrency interest,” he said in a statement on Friday. “What’s especially notable is Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Florida’s interest in Ethereum over Bitcoin. It remains to be seen how these rankings and market shares will play out in the coming months, with Ethereum’s Merge around the corner.”

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