Bitcoin Billionaire Hopes Elon Musk Will Make it Possible to Buy Tesla Cybertruck with Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Billionaire Hopes Elon Musk Will Make it Possible to Buy Tesla Cybertruck with Cryptocurrencies


Tim Draper, a billionaire Bitcoin investor who is also an early investor in Tesla, said he wants to buy Cybertruck, and it would be great if it could be bought with Bitcoin. The recent additions to Elon Musk's Twitter bio of the Bitcoin hashtag continue to attract more and more attention from the cryptocurrency community.

Draper, who reportedly has around 30,000 BTC, tweeted Musk. He wrote that he would like to be able to buy Cybertruck with Bitcoin. Although, according to the tweet, he is keen to hold his bitcoins, he would like the company to be able to accept payments through cryptocurrencies.

Musk changed his Twitter bio on Friday morning. He also wrote a mysterious tweet “In retrospect, it was inevitable." While no one knows exactly what the tweet meant, crypto and bitcoin fans took it as a message about bitcoin.

The tweet and profile changes were made around 3:22 AM EST on January 29, when the price of Bitcoin hovered around $32,200. Right after the tweet, the price of bitcoin skyrocketed, peaking at around $37,803, which was a more than 17% jump. During the day, the price has dropped slightly.

Bitcoin is increasingly seen as a store of value. In addition to massive price increases, fears of inflation and a surge in liquidity from central banks have sparked tremendous interest in buying bitcoin among institutional and high net worth investors.

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