Bitcoin Whale Buys $21M BTC on Crypto's 13th Birthday

Bitcoin Whale Buys $21M BTC on Crypto's 13th Birthday

The third-largest Bitcoin whale buys 456 BTC worth $21M on crypto's 13th birthday. The total wallet balance is now 120,845.57 BTC.

The third-largest Bitcoin wallet has been active again. On January 3, on the “13th Bitcoin Genesis Day,” it added 456 BTC to its assets. The purchase was made on the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. After making the purchase, the wallet has a total balance of 120,845.57 BTC for a staggering amount of over $5.6 billion.

This is the second major purchase of Bitcoin by this wallet in the last month. In December 2021, the same wallet bought 2.702 BTC for $137 million at an average price of $50,700 per coin. Since then, Bitcoin's price has dropped to $46,600, which could have prompted another purchase.

According to data frоm Chainalysis, a crуptoсurrencу stаtistiсs and аdvisorу firm, large invеstоrs holding at lеаst 1,000 BTC would have соllected 142,000 Bitcoin in the sесоnd week of December, bringing the totаl аmоunt of Bitcoin in their pоssеssiоn to nearly 200,000 BTC, the highеst in 2021.

“It’s a confirmation of the view that Bitcoin is seen as digital gold, or perhaps institutions are just making a longer-term trade on the bitcoin price.”

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