Black Friday Sales for the Tesla Community, Including Accessories, Merch, Parts, and More


As soon as that last morsel of Thanksgiving dinner passes through your lips, it's time to start the real festivities to begin: Christmas. Everyone knows the best time to shop for presents are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you’re looking for a gift for your Tesla-obsessed husband, wife, brother, sister, or just anyone who loves Elon Musk and his all-electric vehicles, you might want to check out the companies down below. They are all having Black Friday Sales for everyone in the Tesla Community. Treat yourself, too—we won’t tell.

1. FrunkPuppy


Yes, Tesla-verse, FrunkPuppy has a shop! Thanks to the extensive research and development of Norman, the original FrunkPuppy and Earl, his designated hooman, the duo are offering a variety of swag and cool items for purchase on the official FrunkPuppy.com website. From awesome cups to sweet tees, these items are 101% Norman-approved.

Code: BLACKFRIDAY for 50% off all items


2. Oscar and Hamish


Teslas are fantastic because they have a trunk and a frunk. These storage spaces actually hold a surprisingly large amount of cargo. And to maximize this space, it's hard to go wrong with Oscar and Hamish's Model S, 3, and X tailored luggage collection. With these, your frunk and truck spaces are guaranteed to be utilized to their utmost potential.

Code: Vincent10 for 10% off


3. Drop Lock


Sentry Mode captures the bad guys in the act, but it would still be way better if thieves couldn't get to your valuables inside your Model 3's trunk in the first place. This is where Drop Lock comes in. With Drop Lock in place, would-be thieves can't gain access to the Model 3's storage areas. It's simple and clean, and this little mod can save Model 3 owners a lot of trouble.

Code: Cyberlock for 10% until December 2


4. Carina's TeslaTray 


Teslas are known for their instant torque. While these hard launches are incredibly fun, items stored at the center console and the shelf under the Model S and X's screen tend to fly around due to the force of the car moving forward. After fondly dubbing these areas of the vehicle the "catapult shelf," Tesla owner Carina Larsen opted to create a drawer that could lock these items in place. TeslaTrays are handmade and blend very well with the aesthetic of the Model S and Model X's interior.

Code: Automatic 15% discount to all purchases until December 2


5. Jeda


One of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road deserves the best mobile phone charging solution available. The Jeda Wireless Pad provides a boost to the Model 3, giving the all-electric sedan a wireless charging pad for compatible mobile devices. No manual cord connections necessary.

Code: CYBRPAD for $30 off the Jeda Pad, CYBRBUNDLE for $50 off the Bundle


6. TeslaBros


For affordable, simple-to-install, DIY customization projects, it's hard to go wrong with Tesla Bros' chrome delete kits and center console wraps. After all, there's definitely an argument for the notion that customized Teslas are the best Teslas.

Code: This Black Friday, TeslaBros is going all-in on the community. The company partnered with several key members of the Tesla community for an additional 15% off codes on top of the company's sitewide sales of up to 30% off.

Codes so far are coming from @teslatino, @teslaraj, @teslamilton, @model3owners, @teslajoy, @mfrunker, @tesletter, and many others in the Tesla community. 


7. Abstract Ocean



Abstract Ocean offers a variety of Tesla products that range from emblems and screen protectors to screen cleaners and awesome lighting mods for the Model S, 3, and X. The company's products have received good reviews from the Tesla community, and for good reason.

Code: ELFDRIVING for 20% on every item on the company's shop


 8. Tesletter


Tesletter, the crowd-sourced, free newsletter for the Tesla community also has a shop. Cool t-shirts and equally awesome mugs are available at Tesletter's store, and all of them are 15% off from Thursday, November 28, all the way to Monday, December 2.

Code: No code required


9. Elon Accessories


Premium is the name of the game for Elon Accessories, with the company offering high-quality products such as screen protectors, organizers, and pedal sets for an affordable price on its online store. The company's screen protectors for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X are second to none.

Code: THANKS19 for 15% off


10. ScentWedge


ScentWedge is arguably one of the most unique products created for the Tesla Model 3. An air fresher that's custom made for the Model 3's unique air vents, ScentWedge's products are made of natural wood, giving an all-natural aroma for Tesla's all-electric midsize sedan.

Code: Tesletter15 for 15% off


11. Snap Plate from Living Tesla


Snap Plate is a front license plate for the Model 3 that is designed for fast and easy installation. What's particularly nifty about SnapPlate is the fact that it's created to make sure that it does not get in the way of the Model 3's Autopilot cameras and other sensors.

Code: Tesletter10 for 10% off from Friday to Monday


12. The Bandit from 1975 Creations


The Bandit is a premium front license plate holder for the Model X and Model 3 that comes fully assembled and easy to install. The Bandit requires no drilling since the bolt-on license plate bracket is secured to the electric vehicles' factory grill.

Code: Tesletter for $10 off on all products


13. Evannex  


EVANNEX is one of Tesla community's veteran custom aftermarket accessories provider. From trunk and frunk lifts to caliper covers, EVANNEX offers a wide selection of products for the Models S, 3, and X.

Code: BFCM for $5 off on any order over $50


14. Pure Tesla 


Sentry Mode is one of the best security features that Tesla has released to date, but it does require a formatted USB drive where data from the vehicles' recordings can be saved. Pure Tesla's TESLACAM microSD makes this setup completely effortless by offering a fully formatted plug-and-play USB drive complete with 256 GB of storage.

Code: 10% off the USB/MicroSD package, No code required


15. Tesla Offer


Tesla Offer provides Tesla owners a way to give their vehicles an electric trunk and frunk. Tesla owners can also acquire one of their kits to give the full-sized sedan an electric frunk. For Black Friday, the company is lowering the price of the Models S, 3, and X's electric frunk kits to just $399.

Code: No code required


16. Tesmanian


Tesmanian currently offers a premium soft cooler and trunk mat that's custom fit for the Model 3. Both the Tesmanian soft cooler and the Model 3 trunk mat are made with premium materials and have so far received great reviews from members of the Tesla community. Both items are getting a significant discount this year. 

Code: Tcooler40 for 40% off the soft cooler and TM40 for 40% off the Model 3 trunk mat 

Featured Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson/Flickr

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