Not-A-Boring Company Competition Winner

by K10 on twitter (@Kristennetten) September 13, 2021

Not-A-Boring Company Competition Winner

The Boring Company winning team for the Boring Company Competition announced! 

TUM Boring Team, is the team that won the first ever, Not-A-Boring Competition. The TUM Teams, from ‘Technische Universität München’ have won other SpaceX Hyperloop competitions, in fact four consecutive times in the past.  Sixty plus members and sixteen countries are represented on the TUM team. The hope of the Boring Competition outcome is to help alleviate city congestion with innovative Boring tunnels.
TUM Boring Team

The Not-A-Boring Competition started on September 6th.  Participants assembled in Las Vegas, USA to compete. People from all over the world flew in to work with their teams.

The objective of the competition is to develop the world’s fastest tunnel boring machine, in order to facilitate the infrastructure necessary for the Hyperloop. The teams had to drill a 30m by 50cm wide tunnel as quickly and as accurately as possible. 


By September 12th, twelve final teams were left for the finals taken place in Las Vegas.

The final two teams were  ‘Swiss Tunneling Teams’ from Zurich, Switzerland ‘TUM Boring Team’, from Munich, Bavaria Germany.


Many of the teams had quite a big list of sponsors from transportation industry internationally. Swissloop Tunneling sponsors listed below. Not a small scaled or boring endeavor whatsoever. 


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