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Brandenburg Economy Minister & Civil Initiative Condemn Attack on Tesla Giga Berlin

Brandenburg Economy Minister & Civil Initiative Condemn Attack on Tesla Giga Berlin

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Brandenburg police and an investigation team are looking for those responsible for setting fire to the power lines leading to the Tesla Giga Berlin construction site. Politicians and local residents, even those who criticize Tesla's project, strongly condemned this crime.

After the alleged burning of electrical cables leading to Tesla's construction site, civil initiatives distanced themselves from local residents, RBB24 reported. Manu Hoyer of the Grünheide civic initiative, which campaigns against Tesla, condemned the incident, saying that such violent measures should not be tolerated and any opposition to the construction should take place within the framework of the law. “I reject violence in order to achieve anything, and I am more in favor of acting objectively and legally in a democratic society,” she said.

The Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor and Energy Jörg Steinbach also condemned the crime and wrote to RBB24 that he hoped that those who committed this would be identified and punished. He stressed that in this situation, the principle of zero tolerance will operate. “I don't understand the criminal acts of violence that are currently taking place at the Tesla construction site. I can only hope that these people will be identified and in addition to the appropriate punishment, punishment for the damage caused can also be applied. This is where the zero-tolerance principle applies!,” wrote Steinbach.

At the moment, it is not clear how great the damage from the fire is. However, the incident did not cause a power outage at Giga Berlin. The police have already formed an investigation team, which consists of five people. It includes state security officers of the State Criminal Police Directorate and the Eastern Police Directorate. Involvement of State Security is imperative, as a fire can be an attack on a large industrial plant.

On May 26, police searched the crime scene using sniffer dogs to find traces of DNA. The collection of on-site forensic data has now been completed and the process of assessing evidence has begun to properly identify future steps.

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