Tesla's Patented Adjustable Suspension for Cybertruck Will Be a Game Changer

Tesla's Patented Adjustable Suspension for Cybertruck Will Be a Game Changer

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Tesla has published a patent that describes how its adjustable suspension will make vehicles perfectly suited for all types of roads. However, by using Cybertruck as an image for the invention, the company has hinted that it refers specifically to its electric pickup truck.

Cybertruck's futuristic exterior will catch the eye of any person, but its features for towing capacity, carrying capacity, and range are even more impressive. The Tesla pickup truck has a number of incredible characteristics for a car of this class. It is heavy, but at the same time fast and maneuverable, it is large and angular, but at the same time has excellent aerodynamic performance. It is known that passengers of any truck are forced to face the rough rides of a car with a high carrying capacity. The drawbacks of a heavy payload lead to increased suspension stiffness and reduced ride comfort.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, however, seeks to surpass them all in this and other characteristics, thanks to the innovative Cybertruck. In February, Musk revealed that active ride height and the active damping of its suspension will be game changing, especially because Cybertruck has such a high ratio of minimum to maximum weight. The active ride height, which is dynamically adjusted to compensate for the difference in front and rear loads, is complemented by a Cybertruck clearance of 16”, an approach angle of 35 degrees and a departure angle of 28 degrees—all of which provides optimal performance no matter the difficult task.

In addition, the adaptive air suspension, which is standard on all three Cybertruck variants: Single, Dual, and Tri-motor, is designed to increase energy efficiency, as well as to ensure a smooth ride in cases where the weight-to-load ratio is not balanced.

Tesla has now published a patent, filed in November 2020, that describes the invention Musk talked about in February 2021. It describes that vehicles (meaning primarily Cybertruck) can be used to perform a variety of functions in various environmental conditions. For example, a truck bed can accommodate items of different sizes, weights, and different loading and unloading mechanisms.

FIG. is block diagrams depicting the implementation of different suspension modes including the modification of individual controllable portions in accordance with illustrative embodiments of the present application. Source: Tesla patent

In addition, using user input as well as data from a plurality of sensor values ​​located on four independent controllable parts of the suspension system and environmental measurements, the invention can adjust the suspension. In this case, each of the four independent controllable parts can raise or lower a part of the vehicle and implement modifications of many individual settings.

This precise adjustment of the overall height of the vehicle or its individual parts makes Cybertruck an ideal vehicle for all types of roads, weather conditions, and loads, which is unique for a pickup truck and will be a real game changer.

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