Brownsville Students Visit Starbase To Show Appreciation For SpaceX Starship Development At Boca Chica

by Evelyn Arevalo October 16, 2021

Brownsville Students Visit Starbase To Show Appreciation For SpaceX Starship Development At Boca Chica

SpaceX's quest to make life multiplanetary begins in South Texas at the Starbase facility located in Brownsville’s Boca Chica Beach, where engineers work to develop the spacecraft that will enable humans to return to the Moon and build the first sustainable settlement on the surface of Mars. SpaceX founder Elon Musk calls the region the ‘Gateway to Mars.’

On Saturday, October 16, students from IDEA Public Schools in Brownsville visited Starbase to show appreciation for SpaceX Starship development at Boca Chica. The City of Brownsville District 2 Commissioner Jessica Tetreau told TESMANIAN that the school staff and children are grateful for all the positive things SpaceX has done for the community.

“I’m so grateful and honored to have participated in today’s ‘Thank You SpaceX Party’,” Tetreau said. The ‘party’ was a nice gathering, students and local supporters held colorful ‘thank you’ signs in front of the giant STARBASE sign at the launch site, they even decorated their school bus. “Our community is very appreciative of Elon Musk’s efforts and enormous generosity. Today’s gathering was just a small token of appreciation for all he has done for our community. It is very moving to see our students fill these buses and be so excited to spend their Saturday morning showing support and gratitude for Mr. Musk and SpaceX,” Tetreau stated. She also shared a few photographs of the gathering, pictured below.

“Although he and everyone at SpaceX stays very busy, they continue to prioritize our students and local education system. It makes me very emotional to see the hope Mr. Musk has created for the children in our community,” Tetreau added. The Musk Foundation supports education in the Rio Grande Valley. Earlier this year, Musk pledged to donate $20 million to schools in Cameron County, some funds have already been dispersed among school districts. IDEA Public Schools received $459,000 to strengthen their science curriculum and math skills. Brownsville Independent School District (BISD), the largest school district in the city, received $2,412,000 (two million four hundred twelve thousand dollars). The amount was determined based on school enrollment, BISD manages 54 public schools and the funds will enhance technical education programs and science academies. It is important that future generations have the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to create the future, especially in the region where SpaceX’s Starship will lift off from to explore the Solar System. UPDATE: SpaceX founder Elon Musk said 'Thanks!!' via Twitter to the students who visited Starbase over the weekend. "Thanks Cameron County, Brownsville & South Padre for your support! Much appreciated," Musk stated.



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Featured Image Source: Jessica Tetreau via Twitter

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