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Casey Neistat, using Tesla Energy products, now lives in a solar-powered house

Casey Neistat, using Tesla Energy products, now lives in a solar-powered house

Tesla's solar panels are low-profile and durable — quietly converting sunlight to energy for decades to come. Integrated hardware and simple design achieve this by securing the panels close to your roof and to each other for a minimal aesthetic.

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Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a liquid thermostat. Tesla is one of the few companies in the energy storage market in homes that produces compact batteries for storing energy at home. The battery is designed to save energy for domestic use, shift load consumption, as well as backup power.

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Tesla battery packs are an ideal pairing for solar panel systems, especially in the case of off-grid projects where homeowners need or want to become fully independent of their utility. A solar storage solution like the Tesla Powerwall allows you to maintain a sustained power supply during the day or night.

Normally, this process happens over the course of a day: solar panels are producing more electricity than you can use, the surplus energy is stored in your Tesla Battery. As the sun goes down and your solar panel production decreases, you draw on the electricity that you stored during the sunniest part of the day. Essentially, the Powerwall helps you balance out your electricity production and usage over the course of the day.

You can manage your solar system and home energy consumption from anywhere in the world with 24/7 mobile monitoring. Watch your consumption rise and fall in real time, including historical usage.

Source: Tesla

Many people have already appreciated the benefits of solar panels and the Powerwall. One of those people who already uses all the advantages of it is Casey Neistat.

Casey Owen Neistat is an American YouTube personality, filmmaker and vlogger.

When Tesla's employee arrived to survey his home before installing the solar panels, Casey was impressed. He was impressed that the worker didn't need a ladder to survey the roof, he just used a long selfie stick for this.

He appeared to be using the stick to work out the practicalities of getting Tesla solar panels onto Neistat's home.

On December 12, Casey shared with his followers on Twitter that his house is now powered by solar energy, adding photos of Powerwall.

And it’s great that more and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of solar panels and energy storage systems.

Solar panels are, first of all, energy independence. Because you don't need to worry about the fact that you find yourself without electricity in a difficult situation. So, as, for example, residents of California, were without electricity during fires.

Today, solar panels on homes are no longer some kind of supernatural phenomenon. Solar panels have many advantages, such as:

  • Environmental friendliness. They are absolutely harmless. They don't emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere. So the solar panels are very environmentally friendly.
  • Intensity. Almost constant production of solar energy equipment. The earth's surface is irradiated with 120 thousand terawatts of light emitted by the sun. The abundance of solar energy is impressive. The solar rate of irradiation of the planet’s surface with energy demonstrates a 20-fold excess of the global humanity need for electricity.
  • Renewability. If fossil fuels run dry, then solar energy self-renews. For example, oil, coal, peat or gas - every year their number is gradually decreasing. But solar energy will not run out.
  • Availability. Solar energy is available in different parts of the country and in remote places. Even in the most extreme point of the world. Including in the northern latitude.
  • Silent operation. The functioning of solar cells is absolutely silent. Electrical energy is generated by the panels silently.
  • Profitability. The economic benefit when installing solar panels is that using your own electricity is much more profitable and economical.
  • Unpretentiousness. Solar panels can be cleaned several times a year, and the terms of their use - at least 25 years.

Tesla's mission is to accelerate the transition of the world to sustainable energy. Tesla Solar, like the Tesla electric cars, is a powerful tool to achieve this.


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