CBAK Energy Technology Intends to Begin Development on Tesla-Invented 4680 Battery Cells by Year End

CBAK Energy Technology Intends to Begin Development on Tesla-Invented 4680 Battery Cells by Year End

Source: www.itdcw.com

At Battery Day on September 22, 2020, Tesla announced several measures to drastically reduce the cost of batteries for electric vehicles while boosting their range. The key product that solved these challenges was the new 4680 battery cell, which was created using new tabless technology. To be at the forefront of Tesla's revolution, a number of battery manufacturers rushed to develop this new type of battery cell. And now, the Chinese CBAK Energy Technology has joined the list of battery makers--which includes Panasonic, LG Energy, and CATL--that intend to produce the 4680 cell.

CBAK Energy Technology, through its BAK Power division, announced that from 2023 it will also produce 25Ah/1kW peak power density 4680 cylindrical cells on a large scale, initially completing their development and receiving samples by the end of 2021. At the recently held CIBF 2021 exhibition, BAK Power officially unveiled the first domestic 4680 cylindrical battery.

Source: www.itdcw.com

BAK Battery has three manufacturing plants in China: Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, and Fuzhou. While Fuzhou mainly produces square batteries, Shenzhen and Zhengzhou primarily make cylindrical batteries. In addition, the company has sales subsidiaries in Beijing, Hamburg, Germany, and the USA.

Dr. Wenguang Fan, head of BAK's battery cell research and development department, said the cells will be for mid-range and high-end car batteries. In addition to increasing power density, fast charging capabilities have been improved. BAK Battery is reportedly currently collaborating with customers on the application and development of large cylindrical batteries, although no names have been released.

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