Tesla Cybertruck Could Be The Best Choice For Cyber-Camping

Tesla Cybertruck Could Be The Best Choice For Cyber-Camping

The Tesla Cybertruck could be the best vehicle of choice for cyber-camping. Shortly after Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck, some creative people began to fantasize and create new images for the Tesla pickup. They tried to add a special look to the truck in various ways from unusual wraps to changing the general exterior.

Despite the fact that the original Cybertruck has a configuration for camping, this did not prevent one brave conceptual artist from creating his own version of the configuration for camping.

Canadian artist posted renders of the Cybertruck fan website, known as the Cybertruck Owners Club. The “Cyber ​​Camper” sees the Cybertruck’s singular monoplane design extend to a canopy that is attached to the rear of the vehicle. There design has a solo and a duo option, both of which can be secured to the Cybertruck’s vault to provide sleeping quarters

Credit: Joeguy07

This concept certainly resembles Tesla's self-contained camping configuration but seems to be more constructively integrated. While Tesla's version is basically a pop-up tent that sits on a 6.5-foot bed, this concept is created from the same stainless steel alloy as the truck. However, this could be inconvenient from the point of view of a daily user and could significantly affect all the characteristics of the Cybertruck.

“So I'm liking something a bit larger, like this insert camper that you can add to the vault of the Cybertruck. These renders need work, but I want something in the vault so no need to tow and can travel almost anywhere all the time. So hope that there will be a camper style like this by Tesla or 3rd party companies that would be amazing,” wrote Joeguy07.

The utilitarian design, which looks like a futuristic hearse, was shown only as an external render, so the layout and features of the interior remain a mystery--at least for now.

Cybertruck production is scheduled to begin in late 2021. As of this writing, more than 600K pre-orders have already been placed. Tesla is looking for a place for the factory in which futuristic electric trucks will be built.

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