Tesla Cybertruck 1:17 RC : Almost The Real Deal with App Control, Electric Drivetrain, & Active Suspension

Tesla Cybertruck 1:17 RC : Almost The Real Deal with App Control, Electric Drivetrain, & Active Suspension

The Tesla Cybertruck began to excite our hearts and minds far before its shocking reveal. Tesla fans, creative types, and various publications had rendered a wide array of interesting design predictions; but none could anticipate what was about to hit them. On November 21, 2019, the most unusual and stunning pickup truck was unveiled. The steel beast turned into a cult car in a matter of days.

Tesla Cybertruck orders could be above 650,000 already, estimated Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives. “We estimate that pre-order levels are staggering coming out of the gates since announced last year and currently stand north of 650,000 based on our estimate with momentum,” said the analyst.

But, if you just can't wait for Tesla to start producing the Cybertruck, then you can get a scaled-down model right now. And this is not just an elevated tchotchke to admire on a shelf. It’s a highly sophisticated radio-controlled model of Cybertruck, at a 1:17 scale—featuring a powerful electric drivetrain. All controls are via Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 on a smartphone application.

Source: EngineerHD / YouTube

CyberMini is entirely handcrafted and will be limited to just 40 units worldwide. This mini pickup is built around an ultra-durable core chassis consisting of double-layer thermoplastic as well as laser-cut aluminum body panels. The entire vehicle is comprised of 150 components.

Source: IndieGoGo

The model also has a three-fold aluminum telescoping tailgate, functional doors/trunk, and a manually operated vault. Its in-wheel electric motors are designed to deliver rapid acceleration, while the active suspension can adjust ground clearance in real-time using the app.
Cybertruck has captivated the world. If you just can’t wait for the real McCoy—production slated for the end of 2021—maybe you can be one of the lucky owners of this very special RC.

Source: EngineerHD / YouTube

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