Tesla Cybertruck breaks the boundaries of perception

Tesla Cybertruck breaks the boundaries of perception

Cybertruck sparked a wave of discussion and controversy. Criticism is intertwined with enthusiasm, but, in fact that at this moment more than 150,000 people pre-ordered Cybertruk.
The most controversy is the appearance of the truck.
Yes, today many people or traditional pickup users may not accept it. But, on the contrary, due to the fact that its design is too new, it can create new demand in the pickups market (and not only in this market). Let's be observant and wise and analyze the new Tesla Cybertruck.

Consider the options.

Pickup for white collar workers.
And it really suits white-collar workers. No one will deny that this futuristic and high-tech Cybertruck attracts increased attention. A traditional pickup is too vulgar and it really suits only workers or those who constantly carry some kind of cargo in it. Cybertruсk is very different from this, his sci-fi, neat image ensures that even a white collar in a suit wants to become its owner.

Pickup for women.
As mentioned above, a traditional pickup truck is too vulgar. Yes, it suits male-owners, and its shape often resembles a muscular man. Cybertruck is different, it seems rude, but it has a special mysterious appeal, it is impudent and playful, it riots and breaks stereotypes, and this is exactly what can attract women.

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Pickup for the family.
After meeting Cybertruck, a strong desire arises to use it as a family car. Six seats, a huge luggage compartment for transporting any things (including a pram), safety at the highest level. And you don’t have to worry about your child scratching the paint on a car. Isn't that the same dad/mom's car you dreamed about? No more ugly, bloated and fat minivans. Do you imagine the reaction of your child’s classmates when you bring your kids to school on this Beast? I bet that all your child’s friends will beg you to ride on it.

Cybertruck is completely different. First of all, the interior space is no longer a problem, just like the storage space behind. In combination with the hard shell of the spacecraft, bulletproof glass, it can give people a complete sense of security and get a lot of extra points.

Police Supercar.
With the advent of Cybertruck, the current police cars should be completely replaced. The reason is very simple. Where else can you find a bulletproof SUV that accelerates faster than a Porsche 911? If you are a policeman, do you need superiority on a criminal? Some people suggest that the appearance of Cybertruck could replace part of a police car.



Cybertruck is one of the most striking products presented today, which has an amazingly reasonable price. The car body is mostly flat stainless steel, without paint, so a scratch or bump is not a problem. Firstly, because it’s not easy for you to harm the car body, and secondly, even if the body is damaged, the issue will be resolved by a quick and carefree repair.
Cybertruck is an absolutely unique car, which gives it a great advantage.


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