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Tesla Cybertruck Reservations May have Hit Over 200K [Update]

by Claribelle Deveza November 23, 2019


Cybertruck reservations may have hit over 200,000 since its unveiling. Before Elon Musk unleashed Tesla’s pickup truck, TSLA (NASDAQ: TLSA) skeptics predicted the Cybertruck wouldn’t have much demand.

TSLA optimists have been trying to keep track of CYBRTRK reservations since the futuristic pickup's unveiling. Based on the all-electric car maker's numerous supporters, the number of Cybertruck preorders can be estimated by the reservation numbers given to each customer. The reservation numbers usually appear in ascending order when a customer preorders multiple CYBRTKs, indicating that reservation numbers could be sequential.

According to Tesla enthusiast @AlterViggo, the Cybertruck’s reservation numbers could have started with RN112744299. @AlterViggo posted his calculations yesterday at 4:12 AM. At the time, he calculated that about 120K orders for the Cybertruck had been placed.

Since the unveiling, reservations numbers have passed the 1127XXXXX starting digits and moved to 1129, based on a recent post from u/Silverfishii on r/TeslaMotors. The Reddit user received the following number RN112906XX6 after his order. As of this writing, u/Silverfishii posted one of the more recent reservation numbers.

If the numbers are sequential and the latest starts with 1129 and the sequence started in 1127, then it plausible that Tesla has had over 200,000 Cybertruck preorders since the unveiling. However, there are some variables still left to account for in this problem. First, many of the preorders were actually over orders. Due to what appears to be issues during the reservation process, some ended up reserving more than what they intended.


Then, there is Tesla’s actual reservation page, which has crashed immediately after reservations were opened. Some reservation holders still haven’t received their reservation numbers or confirmation of their preorder, so those may not be accounted for in the equation. Although, website glitches usually occur when there are too many people flooding it. If that's the case, then there could be more people still trying to preorder Tesla's Cybertruck.

Either way, there seems to be a substantial amount of demand for the Cybertruck—at least amongst the Tesla community. There is no telling how that demand could grow once people are actually on the road in Tesla’s all-electric pickup truck. The sight of it alone could cause heads to turn and make people question their own vehicles' appearances.


Since this article was written, Elon Musk released the actual number of reservations for the Cybertruck via Twitter. According to Tesla's CEO, there were 146K preorders for its next-gen pickup truck. Musk also broke down the reservations based on tier. The majority of the preorders were for Cybertruck's mid-tier version at 42 percent, followed by the top-tier variant at 41 percent, and lastly the most basic version of the CYBRTRK at 17 percent.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla

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