Tesla Cybertruck Update Coming Probably in Q2, as Construction of Giga Texas Beast Progresses Rapidly

Tesla Cybertruck Update Coming Probably in Q2, as Construction of Giga Texas Beast Progresses Rapidly

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Tesla Cybertruck is one of the brightest and most coveted cars of all existing today. This is not just a vehicle with a stunning appearance, but also a tank that is designed to solve many of the requirements set by its owners. Cybertruck has already undergone design changes and improvements several times, and its final design is reportedly set. Its production is scheduled for the end of 2021, and now, according to Musk, we will be able to get an update on the steel beast probably in Q2.

On March 6, answering an investor requesting updates on the timeline for first deliveries, and about possible new options and features, the CEO of the company Elon Musk replied that answers to these questions may be received somewhere in Q2. He also added that Cybertruck will be built in Giga Texas, where the company is currently acutely focusing its attention on construction.

At the moment, the construction of Giga Texas is indeed progressing rapidly. Some parts of the building are almost completely finished and have walls and a roof. Tesla has already begun to actively install equipment, although right now the main focus is on the construction and preparation of production facilities for Model Y. According to the company's plan, the first cars should roll out from the assembly line in the middle of this year, while the production of the first Cybertrucks may begin closer to the end of 2021.

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During the Q4 2020 Earnings Call, Musk said that Tesla had already completed almost all of Cybertruck's development and was no longer working at the design center level or design level--that the final design was fixed. He revealed that the company would soon order the equipment needed to produce Cybertruck, sharing that Tesla will be using a giant 8,000-ton casting press for the rear body casting.

Musk also stressed that a few deliveries in 2021 may only be possible if the company is lucky, and he expects volume production in 2022. "If we get lucky, we'll be able to do a few deliveries towards the end of this year, but I expect volume production to be in 2022."

Currently, the estimated number of Cybertruck orders is estimated at 925,806, although it's worth noting that there is no real confirmation that this is true. This number is based on the fact that in November 2019, Musk tweeted that the number of reservations reached 250,000. Later, a group of enthusiasts began to count, based on the applications submitted by the owners of the reservations. Nevertheless, the popularity of Cybertruck is really off the charts and the presence of several hundred thousand pre-orders seems obvious.

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