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Tesla to Add 'Download Beta' Button to Participate in FSD Beta Testing on In-Car Displays

Tesla to Add 'Download Beta' Button to Participate in FSD Beta Testing on In-Car Displays

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The popularity of FSD Beta continues to grow and more owners are striving to become beta testers. With each new version, the software continues to improve, which means that the company continues to gradually increase the number of participants in the program. After announcing the opening of the possibility to get FSD Beta, Tesla received many requests and decided to optimize the process by adding a “Download Beta” button directly to the car display.

On March 6, Musk announced via Twitter that with the recent release of FSD Beta version 8.2, the number of beta testers will be doubled, and with version 8.3, the number of testers is likely to increase 10-fold. He also asked everyone who wants to participate to send a request to the company so that it would know about the desire of Tesla owners to take part in beta testing.

Immediately after that, thousands of requests were sent to the company, because people were in a hurry to submit their applications for participation as early as possible. Learning about the high interest of Tesla owners in becoming beta testers, the company decided to streamline the process by adding a request button on car displays. Musk tweeted that a “Download Beta” button will be added to car displays in approximately 10 days. After that, it can be found in the Service section.

It is worth considering that not everyone will be able to gain access to FSD Beta at the moment. First of all, the best candidates will be those drivers who have positive driving habits, which can be checked in the Tesla databases. Also, availability will depend on the region of residence, because at the moment there are still delays in regulatory approval and/or Tesla's internal development and testing.

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