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Debunk the click-bait articles/FUD: Tesla China didn’t plan on 20% price cut of the China-Made Model 3, source said

Debunk the click-bait articles/FUD: Tesla China didn’t plan on 20% price cut of the China-Made Model 3, source said

Today, Bloomberg distributed false information about Tesla.
"Tesla Inc. is considering cutting the price of its China-built Model 3 sedans by 20% or more next year, people familiar with the matter said, betting the move will lure buyers as the world’s biggest electric-vehicle market slows."

Bloomberg referred to people who asked not to give their names.

An hour later, after the spread of this false information, Beijing News reported that Tesla China has denied rumors about the planned “Made in China” discounts for Model 3, advising people to find relevant information on the company's website. Tesla China didn’t plan on 20% price-off of the Made in China Mode 3.

Tesla is a company that has a mission, so the price of their products will certainly decrease, but gradually and slowly. This will be due to lower production costs. But any sane person understands that such a price reduction cannot happen very quickly. The goal of reducing the price of Model 3 by 20% is possible no earlier than 2 years. And such a price reduction will occur around the world, and not in a separately selected country.

We should all pay special attention to the fact that Bloomberg wrote about it right now. The mass production of Model 3 made in China began only a few weeks ago, and deliveries are only beginning now. Websites such as Bloomberg are well aware and understand that such news will have a big impact on deliveries in the first quarter of 2020.

Thanks to the excellent work of the Tesla China team, the reaction to this FUD was very fast. Tesla China quickly denied this misinformation.

Source: Elon Musk / Twitter

In this situation, we saw that a lot of media irresponsibly, without any confirmation of the information, began to publish articles with untruthful information provided by Bloomberg. Is it possible that a loud headline and a lot of referral clicks are all these media thought about? Quite possibly.

None of them have yet published disproving articles that would help their readers to possess truthful information. And this is a sad signal for their readers. Can they trust these source? We all understand that news publications form our view of current situation. Therefore, our view of the world directly depends on how much objective or subjective journalists cover the news.

Even several hours after the denial of this FUD, some websites continue to publish articles with untruthful information.

Tesla has come across many times the outright lies of journalists. This lie is sometimes so absurd that sane people have a legitimate question about the adequacy of the journalists who write about it.

So, please, be careful who you trust your mind to, because it is the views of the journalists from whom you learn the news that shape your perception of the world.

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