Demand for Tesla Cars in US is Through the Roof, Survey Confirms

Demand for Tesla Cars in US is Through the Roof, Survey Confirms

Chart: Troy Teslike/Twitter

The demand for Tesla vehicles continues to grow at a high rate. Car orders in the US are coming in faster than the company can produce, a survey confirms.

Troy Teslike/Twitter posted the results of a survey of Tesla customers in the US who have already received delivery of their vehicles to find out how long they had to wait for an order. This perfectly demonstrated that waiting time was increasing despite capacity expansions at existing factories and new ones being put into operation. The data could be the basis for making sure that Tesla's customer base continues to grow at an incredible rate, which is very positive both for the company itself and for the environment. The massive shift in consumer interest from ICE vehicles to electric ones is exactly what Tesla has been aiming for from the very beginning.

So, in the case of Model Y, customers who received delivery in Q2 2022 waited an average of 175 days, which equates to almost six months from the time the order was placed. This is almost four times longer than in Q2 2021 when customers received delivery an average of 46 days after placing an order. This once again highlights the popularity of the compact SUV, which is expected to become the best-selling car in the world, possibly as early as 2023.

The situation with Model 3 is slightly better, but still, the numbers are record high. Customers who received delivery in Q2 2022 waited an average of 89 days (3 months) for their order to be filled. In Q2 2021, the waiting time was 50 days, and in 2020, it was only 31 days, which is a stark contrast.

Please note that the results represent an average. So there were orders with less popular configurations, which had a significantly shorter waiting time, and orders with extremely popular configurations, which had a long waiting time.

Elon Musk has repeatedly said that demand is not a problem for the company, as some short Tesla investors continue to believe. At the moment, the company is fully focused on expanding production, which should reduce the pressure of a wave of orders for Tesla cars. Last week, the manufacturer was forced to temporarily halt orders for Model 3 Long Range in North America until production capacity is expanded or the customer list begins to shrink significantly.

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