Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Won’t Be Delayed By Coronavirus, Says Grünheide's Mayor

by Eva Fox March 15, 2020

Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Won’t Be Delayed By Coronavirus, Says Grünheide's Mayor

Despite the fear of the coronavirus, the planning and construction of the planned Giga Berlin will go according to plan. Mayor of Grünheide expects that this situation will not affect the construction of the Tesla factory. Postponing a public hearing on objections to the plant is also not relevant to the approval process.

According to Mayor of Grünheid, Arne Christiani, the consequences of the coronavirus crisis will not delay the construction of the planned Tesla's Giga Berlin from the current point of view. The Brandenburg State Environmental Agency has postponed the discussion of objections to the project, scheduled for next Wednesday, March 18th. Postponing this meeting has no meaning for the approval process, Christiani said.

Despite the fact that this will not affect the further construction of the factory, Greens are critical of canceling a public discussion of objections to the planned Tesla plant in Grünheide.

“In the era of digital technology, during a pandemic, it should be possible to conduct public hearings in the form of video conferencing,” said Dieter Janecek, spokesman for industrial policy and the digital economy of the Green’s parliamentary group.

He notes that protecting people's health takes precedence - but at the same time "there is an opportunity to prove that social and economic life should not be paralyzed if we cannot meet physically for some time."

Tesla received permission to level the ground on the site earlier this week, Frauke Zelt, spokesperson for the Ministry of the Environment, said. This is not a complete environmental permit, but Tesla may start work at their own risk.

The company can remove the topsoil from the cleared area and level it. Upper soil removal of up to 12 inches was allowed. The State Department of Environmental Protection has announced that only soil materials suitable for use in water protection zones can be introduced. The company must comply with environmental requirements when working.

At the moment, work on the Tesla's site is advancing rapidly. The site is fenced with a special fence to prevent the migration of lizards awakening after hibernation from neighboring areas.

The territory continues to be cleared of roots, and where it has already been done, specialized equipment has already begun to level the ground.

Despite the fear of coronavirus, the construction of the Tesla factory is not in jeopardy. Work on the site continues and progress is becoming more noticeable.

On Saturday, the municipality of Grünheide organized the EV festival, which was attended by approximately 200 people, the mayor said. It was attended by Tesla cars and several electric cars of other brands. During it, anyone could get a test drive in EVs. In this relaxed atmosphere, people had the opportunity to talk about the planned Giga Berlin, the mayor, who was also present at the event, was happy to answer all questions.


Featured image: Tobias Lindh

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