EV Festival in Tesla Giga Berlin Area Has Support From Residents and Tesla Owners

EV Festival in Tesla Giga Berlin Area Has Support From Residents and Tesla Owners

Tesla owners are united not only by the love of their cars, but also by the care for the environment. After all, Tesla is not just about cars, Tesla is a certain way of life, which implies the pursuit of a clean future and the transition from fossil energy sources to renewable.

Teslamag reported that an EV festival was held in Grünheide on Saturday, where visitors could inspect and test purely electric models from various manufacturers. The driving force behind this event was Fahrwohl 2.0, a rental and service company for Tesla cars from Lübbenau in Spreewald. Private owners who have supported the planned Giga Berlin have also joined this event.

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This festival was supported by the municipality of Grünheide and its mayor. As it turned out, many people who had previously staged demonstrations against the Tesla factory never tried to drive an electric car themselves. That is what became the main reason for holding this event. The organizers held it to invite the residents of Grünheide to experience electric cars themselves.

“I was here on the spot during the second demonstration against the Tesla factory,” says Fahrwohl 2.0 CEO. “It struck me that most of the people who are here in Grünheide against Giga Berlin themselves never sat in electric cars.” Therefore, the company invited its network of Tesla owners via the WhatsApp group to organize an event in Grünheide and Tesla drivers from all over Germany agreed to come.

The festival was attended by several Model X, Model S and Model 3, as well as other electric vehicles such as Renault Zoe, Audi e-tron and Smart EQ.

It is reported that this event aroused interest among local residents and cars with people who wanted to try them drove around the area almost every ten minutes. The owners of electric vehicles, in addition to giving everyone a test drive, told people about their cars and their essence.

Source: Teslamag

During the event, people expressed their biggest concerns. Their biggest fear is the problem of water supply. But here, in a comfortable and conducive to positive conversations atmosphere, there is mayor Grünheide Arne Christiani. The issue of water supply has been resolved, the mayor said, it was a purely legal issue. The Straussberg-Erkner water association has already received permission for the necessary water production.

Meanwhile, the State Environmental Agency in Brandenburg gave the green light for planning part of the site in Grünheide near Berlin. This means that Tesla received permission to level the land. At the moment, a meeting scheduled for March 18th to defer objections to the Tesla factory in Grünheide has been postponed, but authorities say this will not affect the schedule.

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