Dogecoin Aims to Offer Offline Transactions via SpaceX's Starlink

Dogecoin Aims to Offer Offline Transactions via SpaceX's Starlink
Dogecoin intends to offer offline transactions via Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink technology. The first hints of RadioDoge technology in collaboration with Starlink were revealed in the Dogecoin roadmap in December 2021.

Two key people working for the Dogecoin Foundation recently wrote an article about using RadioDoge technology in combination with the Starlink satellite network to conduct DOGE transactions without using the Internet. Although there is a long road ahead for development, the groundwork for future experiments has already been laid, according to CryptoPotato.

Timothy Stebbing, Product Lead at the Dogecoin Foundation, and Michi Lumin, Principal Engineer at the Foundation, have teamed up to work together on a new communications network. It will allow users to transact with Dogecoin offline. This will only require the support of SpaceX's Starlink satellite network.

The key lies in the new technology called RadioDoge, a “cheap and reliable Radio technology (HF/LoRaWAN)” working along with the Starlink satellite network to enable accessibility to people without Internet connectivity. The other building block is the GigaWallet project. It is a drop-in solution (a new type of Doge wallet) for online transactions through a standardized, non-custodial wallet integration with the Dogecoin network.

The two developers considered the first phrase of Libdogecoin, a programming library or building blocks for creating Dogecoin projects, as the groundwork for forming and validating Doge’s addresses and transactions. They revealed that Dogecoin addresses created with the library have successfully received DOGE on the main network.

The first RadioDoge, launched last week, will serve as a testing ground for the new technology. This week, the first transactions generated with Libdogecoin are due to be sent to RadioDoge, which will send them to the Dogecoin testnet via the Starlink satellite. The new technology could revolutionize the mass adoption of Dogecoin in emerging economies, making the cryptocurrency a medium for the exchange of goods and services around the world.

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