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Elon Musk Named Fortune Magazine’s Businessperson of The Year & Could Have Earned the Award for Each of Several World-Changing Feats

Elon Musk Named Fortune Magazine’s Businessperson of The Year & Could Have Earned the Award for Each of Several World-Changing Feats

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Founder and CEO of the most breakthrough catalyzing and innovative companies in the world, Elon Musk, is named Fortune's Businessperson of the Year. Musk is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and brilliant CEOs, while also both sincere and insightful. His contribution to the development of mankind is reflected in real achievements that are improving the life of mankind now.

"SpaceX is soaring. Tesla is roaring."

Through his push and effort, Musk has ensured that SpaceX has completed more than 100 successful launches with its Falcon rockets, while also regularly transporting government payloads to the International Space Station. In addition, SpaceX is the only privately-owned company permitted to ferry American astronauts into and out of orbit, providing additional evidence to demonstrate the viability of commercial space travel.

Musk's other equally successful company is Tesla, which recently surpassed a $530 billion market cap, making it the sixth highest valued company in the US. Tesla is worth more than five times the combined value of American automobile icons General Motors and Ford.

"This is no small feat. Tesla's vertical integration, software orientation, and product differentiation — the result of years of loss-inducing investment in automation, battery science, and other proprietary technologies — are starkly different from that of its more conventional automotive peers. Tesla has navigated the trickiest of financial tracks as it has worked to secure the tremendous capital necessary to start and scale a new automotive manufacturer."

In parallel with this, Musk is trying to solve a number of other problems. His Boring Company is digging tunnels to reduce traffic congestion. Neuralink is working on implementing implantable brain-machine interfaces. OpenAI, which he founded and funds, is trying to develop "friendly" artificial intelligence that will not threaten society.

The magazine notes that, like any other person on our planet, Musk has the same number of hours in a day, however, his contribution is stunningly colossal. Fortune indicates that even one such feat of Musk would have been enough to qualify for the Businessman of the Year award.

“He is an ambition-emitting entrepreneur who has enough executive aptitude to make the impossible possible. He is a designer, a technologist, and a Renaissance man without peer."

However, Musk argues that it is the people who work for his companies that are the key to success. Over the years, he tirelessly repeats that he accepts all the awards on behalf of "the great people at Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink & Boring Co." That is why he declined to comment on the Fortune publication, stating: "I don’t wish to receive awards or recognition."

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