Elon Musk Confirms He Expects Tesla Full Self-Driving by End of Year

Elon Musk Confirms He Expects Tesla Full Self-Driving by End of Year

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Elon Musk confirmed he expects Tesla to achieve full self-driving without human supervision by the end of this year. He explained that the company is closer than ever before.

The 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai kicked off on Thursday. It brings together top scientists, entrepreneurs, government officials, experts and scholars, international organizations, investors, and start-up teams to discuss cutting-edge topics and promote global 'co-creation, co-building, co-integration, co-governance, sharing, and win-win' to further enhance the common welfare of mankind.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered a video speech at the opening ceremony of the WAIC conference. He praised China's achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, saying, “I admire the Chinese people's wisdom and determination. As long as the Chinese people decide to do well in one thing, they will, including in AI.”

“The Chinese can be great at anything if they set their minds to, not only in many sectors of the economy but also in artificial intelligence,” he added.

In addition, Musk also mentioned Tesla's progress in this direction. He said that with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, Tesla will likely have full self-driving capabilities by the end of this year. The CEO of the company clarified he is talking about driving that does not need the supervision of a human driver.

“In terms of where Tesla is at this stage, I think we are very close to achieving full self-driving without human supervision. This is only speculation, but I think we'll achieve full self-driving, maybe what you would call level four or five, I think later this year. I feel like we're closer to it than we've ever been.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines 6 levels of driving automation ranging from 0 (fully manual) to 5 (fully autonomous). These levels have been adopted by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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