Elon Musk Emailed Tesla Staff to Increase Production in Q4 for ‘High-Class Problem of Demand’

Elon Musk Emailed Tesla Staff to Increase Production in Q4 for ‘High-Class Problem of Demand’

Demand has not been a problem for Tesla for a long time, as the CEO of the company Elon Musk has repeatedly said. Judging by the constantly growing production and delivery figures, even despite the difficult situation in 2020, the demand for Tesla cars clearly exceeds supply.

Strongly increased demand was unequivocally noted by the company's management, and confirmed by Musk. In an internal email to the company's employees, a copy of which Tesmanian received, he wrote that the company was faced with a "high-class problem of demand" that exceeds current production. Musk also asked everyone to make every effort to increase production by the end of the quarter, and justify the trust of customers and investors who rely on the company.

"We are fortunate to have the high-class problem of demand being quite a bit higher than production this quarter.

To ensure that we have the best possible outcome and earn the trust of the customers and investors who have placed their faith and hard-earned money with us, we need to increase production for the remainder of the quarter as much as possible.

I would only send this note if it really mattered.

Btw, please send me a note directly if you see ways to improve output, but feel that your voice is not being heard."

In order to reach Tesla's target of 500,000 vehicle deliveries in 2020, the company needs to produce and deliver about 180,000 vehicles in Q4. Given that Giga Shanghai has significantly increased production, there is every reason to believe that the company's goal will be achieved.

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