Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a Thought Leader & Visionary, says Minister of Economy of Germany & President of the VDA

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a Thought Leader & Visionary, says Minister of Economy of Germany & President of the VDA

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is building a new factory in Germany, the heart of the European auto industry. The President of the Automotive Industry Association (VDA) Hildegard Müller sees this as a stimulus, while Minister of Economy Peter Altmaier sees this as an important signal for the future. In a guest article by Handelsblatt, they praised the Tesla founder as a thought leader and visionary.

Hildegard Müller writes:

"He is a visionary...He is fixated on details and thinks far ahead. He not only wants to describe new things but also create, build, drive and watch them fly. He is not afraid of technology, not afraid of risks, impatient and least of all sparing himself."

She talks about the bold behavior of Elon Musk, who came straight to the center of Brandenburg and started building his factory there. The location, in her opinion, is ideal, as this place is located in the heart of the German car industry. Müller wrote that Germany is happy to host the competition and is pleased to welcome Musk here.

"Elon Musk does great things. Welcome to Germany, to the land of ideas!"

The VDA president writes that Musk is the one who creates a better future for our world. He is unique because he has great ideas and visionary answers, which he implements consistently and successfully.

"He has a feeling for trends and an idea of ​​the future. Elon Musk is not just a strategist of the year 2020. He is a pioneer of the 21st century, in which we must succeed in permanently combining economic success and climate protection, innovations and sustainability."

Peter Altmaier notes that Musk is making a very concrete contribution to Germany's successful transition to electromobility. “Elon Musk is a pioneer of change who, with his drive for action, is creating a new era of electromobility and bringing it to life with his cars,” he writes.

Altmaier writes that Musk's enthusiasm is contagious. He makes decisions while others are still waiting, thereby achieving results earlier. This is just what we need in times of rapid change. The minister welcomes Musk to Germany.

"In Germany, Elon Musk is meeting an open door and a willingness to support him, as well as other innovative entrepreneurs. The federal government, in particular, sees its policies as confirmed by his actions and investments in our country."

The politician wrote that young people especially want a world without coal and oil, and preferably immediately, and people like Musk serve as role models for them.

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