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Elon Musk Impresses New PM of Thailand with His Companies' Progress

Elon Musk Impresses New PM of Thailand with His Companies' Progress

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Elon Musk met with Thailand's new Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin. The leaders discussed Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink technologies. Thavisin admired the progress Musk's companies have made for all humanity.

Elon Musk continues to expand his political connections, receiving praise from leaders around the world. On Tuesday, he met with the new Prime Minister of Thailand Srettha Thavisin. The meeting took place in New York as part of Thavisin's business visit to the United States and followed Musk's meeting with the Israeli prime minister a few days earlier.

Thavisin shared some information after the meeting and seemed impressed by what Musk's companies are doing for all humanity. The Prime Minister wrote on X that the leaders discussed Tesla, SpaceX, and Starlink technologies. He was impressed by the progress these companies had made for all humanity. Thavisin said he is rooting for the companies' technology to succeed because it brings benefits to the world.

Tesla continues its active development in the Thai market, saturating the country with its electric vehicles. The company began its first deliveries in February 2023. Over the summer, Tesla opened the first Experience Center in the country to improve the experience of its customers. The 8,500 square-foot property features a large showroom building at the front and a 5-story back building, as well as a single basement floor. In general, the entire facility has a showroom, service center, body & paint center, car delivery area, spare parts warehouse, car storage area, offices, and a Supercharger station (coming soon). Here, consumers can also can get test drives of Tesla cars.

In addition, Starlink is also continuing its development in Thailand. The service began its beta testing in the summer, receiving a lot of excellent feedback. Starlink provides internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps. This is significantly faster than traditional internet providers. Another advantage is its reliability. Traditional internet providers rely on physical infrastructure, which can be affected by weather conditions and other external factors. Starlink, on the other hand, relies on a network of satellites orbiting the Earth that are not affected by weather conditions or other external factors. Furthermore, Starlink is more affordable than traditional internet providers. In Thailand, the service costs about ฿5,500 per month, which is significantly cheaper than traditional internet providers.

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