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Elon Musk Takes his Tesla Cybertruck Out for a Spin in Malibu


Elon Musk took his Cybertruck out for a drive to Nobu in Malibu. He was seen with his girlfriend Grimes and a couple friends driving one of the prototypes of Tesla’s pickup truck. Earlier that same day, another CYBRTRK was spotted near LAX.

Musk decided to take one of Tesla's Cybertruck prototypes out for a spin during his stay in Malibu. Musk, his long-time girlfriend Grimes, and a couple of friends rolled up to Nobu like they were in a normal-looking car. But the CYBRTRK is hard to miss with its origami-like figure and its massive size. The Japanese restaurant is usually filled with celebrities, but Tesla’s Cybertruck seemed to catch most of the attention that night.

According to TMZ, Nobu valets left the CYBRTRK parked in front of the restaurant for all to see. A few people coming from Nobu seemed interested in Musk’s Cybertruck. They took turns going around the massive all-electric pickup truck and snapped some pictures of it, too. Later, Tesla's CEO came out with Edward Norton and gave the actor a personal tour of the Cybertruck.

Earlier that same day, another Cybertruck was spotted doing test runs near LAX. So while one electric pickup truck was working, the other had some fun with its creator.

The Cybertruck—or now CYBRTRKs—have been spotted in the wild several times now, and people often ask how tough it is to handle without side mirrors. Based on the most recent sightings of the Cybertrucks, people seem to manage just fine without side mirrors. 

The Cybertruck spotted near LAX traveled more than 5 hours to get to the Los Angeles airport from the Fremont factory without a scratch or dent insight. Although to be fair, scratches and dents would probably be hard to see on the Cybertruck's stainless steel exoskeleton.

It is unclear how one CYBRTRK arrived in Malibu, but Musk probably did some test runs in it before taking it out in public. His girlfriend Grimes and their friends certainly felt safe enough to go to Nobu in it. Although Musk did hit a sign on the way out, but that might have more to with the size of the vehicle rather than visibility issues. 

Elon Musk and his Cybertruck’s little adventure in Malibu showed the world what it would be like when Tesla’s all-electric pickup truck is finally released. The CYBRTRK will turn heads, and owners will probably give some people a tour of their Tesla pickup truck like Musk did for Norton.

Featured Image Credit: Jon Rettinger via TMZ/Twitter

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