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Tesla GF3 Model 3 Production Reportedly Hits 1K/week as All-in-One TSLA Center Nears Debut


Tesla's Gigafactory 3 is reportedly producing 1,000 Model 3 units per week. Ever since Tesla received its sales license, the company's China branch has been moving faster than ever. GF3 has come to life, and Tesla China doesn’t seem to be holding back anymore. The all-electric car company will open an all-in-one Tesla Center this month too in preparation for the influx of upcoming Model 3 sales and deliveries in the country.

According to reliable sources in China, Gigafactory 3's output is now 1,000 MIC Model 3 sedans per week. The rumor seems to hold some truth as pictures of GF3—courtesy of Tesla enthusiasts Jay in Shanghai, Wuwa Vision, and Jason Yang,— all of which have revealed that there are over hundreds of finished Model 3 units parked on the facility's premises.

The Tesla sedans parked in GF3 aren’t all the vehicles the Shanghai factory has produced either. Some Model 3s have already been sent to delivery centers across China. Jay in Shanghai recently shared pictures of car carriers transporting multiple MIC Tesla sedans as evidence.

In late October, Vice President of Tesla Global Grace Tao estimated that Gigafactory 3 could produce 3,000 Model 3 units a week when it was fully functional. Based on GF3’s recent spike in activity, it might meet Tao’s expectations sometime next month.

Ever since Gigafactory 3 received its sales and delivery license from the Chinese government, it has been moving faster than ever—which is saying a lot since it already seemed like it was going at lighting speed. However, Tesla China isn’t just concentrating on GF3.

The electric car maker's Asia branch recently announced that it will be opening a Tesla Center in Dongguan TianAn Cyber Park, Guangdong Province, on December 12. The Tesla center will be handling sales, delivery, and service for the MIC Model 3. According to Tesla China’s Twitter announcement, the center will also “aim to reduce costs and boost efficiency.”

Executives behind Tesla China have been working nonstop behind the scenes to make MIC Model 3 deliveries smooth. They certainly do seem to be trying to reduce costs for future owners of the Shanghai-made Model 3 and may have been successful thus far. On the same day, GF3 received the green light from selling and delivering its Model 3 units, the Chinese government also granted incentives for the all-electric sedan.

The new government incentives for EVs could reduce the purchase price of Tesla’s Model 3 in China, effectively leveling the playing field between it and other locally-made electric vehicles or PHEVs.

Tesla China certainly seems to be handling its debut quite well. Even Elon Musk complimented the China team for their hard work and dedication.

Featured Image Credit: Jay in Shanghai/Twitter

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