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‘Environmental Organizations’ Choose Not to File a Claim with Federal Constitutional Court Against Tesla Giga Berlin

‘Environmental Organizations’ Choose Not to File a Claim with Federal Constitutional Court Against Tesla Giga Berlin

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Environmental associations NABU and the Green League, after several defeats in court, will not appeal Tesla's preliminary building permit in the Federal Constitutional Court. Associations, whose involvement in the process is being questioned, stated that their benefits are not equal to the material costs spent on the appeal.

The environmental associations NABU and the Green League, which complicate the construction of Giga Berlin with periodic lawsuits, said they would not go to higher courts against Tesla. The associations are refraining from filing a lawsuit against the prior authorization to test systems obtained by the company in early June in the Federal Constitutional Court, the Managing Director of the two associations confirmed to Business Insider.

The reason for this decision was the cost-benefit ratio, said NABU Managing Director Christiane Schröder. The chances of success in the Constitutional Court are more than “manageable,” but the price is very high, he continued. This claim can be questioned since, if organizations could win their case, the cost would not be an issue for them. Probably, NABU and the Green League clearly understood that they could not prove the illegality of issuing the prior permission, so they could not prove their case in the Federal Constitutional Court. Of course, in this case, the costs of the court case would be unjustified from their point of view.

In early August, NABU and the Green League have lost a so-called complaint hearing at the Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg. In early June, Tesla Giga Berlin received a permit issued by the State Environmental Administration (LfU), which allowed system tests to be carried out. It includes authorization to test the functionality of the systems in the Paint Shop, Casting, and Body in White. In addition, the installation of wastewater treatment tanks has been agreed upon. Permitted functional tests include treatment and pressure testing of system technology, signal testing, filling systems, and functional testing of machines, apparatus, containers, and burners.

However, Nabu and Green League filed a complaint and demanded the suspension of testing. This complaint was dismissed as it had no compelling reasons. But, this did not stop the so-called environmental organizations, and they appealed with an urgent application to the Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg.

On July 14, the Supreme Administrative Court unequivocally dismissed the complaint and announced that this decision was final. In addition, the court ruled that the complaint could not be complacent as it was inadmissible. Such a court decision once again showed that Nabu and Green League deliberately intended to delay Tesla’s construction process, trying in every possible way to harm the company, even if there is no real reason for this.

The essence of the current situation is that environmental associations, whose goal should be to strive to improve the environmental situation, do not support the manufacturer of electric vehicles, but are trying in every possible way to prevent it from starting work. Rather than seeking with Tesla the best ways to solve the problems they see, to help and guide them, Nabu and Green League only seem to intend to hinder the construction and commissioning of Giga Berlin. The factory will produce hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles per year, which will replace cars with internal combustion engines, which heavily pollute the Earth's atmosphere, bringing all its inhabitants closer to dire consequences. It is this very contradiction that casts serious doubt on the true intention of such "environmental" organizations.

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