Final Price of Tesla Giga Berlin’s Land Is Confirmed, Says Gov Spokesman

Final Price of Tesla Giga Berlin’s Land Is Confirmed, Says Gov Spokesman

The sale price of a 300 hectare site for the future Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide, Brandenburg, has already been determined; its value is 43.4 million euros.

In early January, it was reported that Tesla would receive a 300-hectare site for its plant for almost 41 million euros, which corresponds to approximately 13.50 euros per square meter.

Later, in February, the state government decided to conduct another assessment in order to eliminate any misunderstandings in the future. Despite this, Tesla didn't abandon its plans to buy land. According to the agreement, if the new price doesn't exceed 13% of the previous value, the transaction remains in force without additional revision.

According to the results of the second report, the land on which the automaker plans to build its Giga Berlin has a market value of 43.4 million euros. This was announced on Tuesday by government spokesman Florian Engels. According to this, the price of the site is 14.35 euros per square meter (the first report led to a price of 40.91 million euros).

Source: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

“The sale of land in Grünheide for Tesla is basically completed,” Engels said.

Tesla should be entered in the land register at the end of this month, after which it will become the full owner of this land. The proceeds from the sale of land money will go into the assets of the Ministry of Forestry.

Objections will be accepted until March 5, March 18 will be their discussion and only after that it is possible to begin construction. According to preliminary estimates by German politicians, the groundbreaking ceremony should take place towards the end of March.

Tesla plans to hire 12,000 workers to produce up to 500,000 cars a year. Production should begin in 2021. Final approvals will be received no earlier than summer, but Tesla will be allowed to build after March 18th. If approvals are not received (which is unlikely), then the automaker will have to return the site to its original state.


Featured image: Site of the future Tesla factory in Grünheide, on the left edge of the Berliner Ring, on the right the business park Freienbrink by Ralf Roletschek 

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