Fremont PD Officially Announces Deployment of Tesla Model Y to Police Fleet

by Eva Fox September 23, 2021

Fremont PD Officially Announces Deployment of Tesla Model Y to Police Fleet

Photo: Fremont PD/Twitter

Fremont Police Department officially announced the deployment of its Tesla Model Y to the police fleet. The results of an earlier pilot program proved the effectiveness of electric vehicles, which was the reason for the expansion of the EV fleet.

In an effort to improve efficiency, Fremont PD has shifted part of its fleet from gasoline-powered vehicles to hybrid vehicles. In parallel with this, the PD conducted an EV pilot program, which tested the Tesla Model S 85. The results not only met expectations but also exceeded them. Model S has often demonstrated superior performance over standard gas-powered Ford police pursuit vehicles (PPVs), and has also proven to be cost-effective. The EV and hybrid car program play an important role in citywide efforts to identify long-term and cost-effective ways to increase resilience and achieve Fremont's 2005 greenhouse gas emissions target of 55% by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2045.

Tesla Model Y is the Department's latest addition to its eco-friendly fleet of over forty vehicles. Compared to the Model S 85 deployed in 2019, Model Y has even more advantages. The vehicle can operate from one to two patrol shifts per charge and cover an additional 61 miles per charge while maintaining the same projected cost of ownership.

Fremont PD purchased its Tesla Model Y for $57,126. The compact crossover was perfect for the PD because its cabin was more spacious than in Model S and also had more trunk space. The key differences between Model S and Model Y noted by the police management are 4" more rear legroom, 7.8 cubic feet of additional cargo space, and a much higher cargo bay, allowing for installation of a gun safe or a patrol sergeant's writing and storage stack. Model Y is roomier on the inside, but 9 inches shorter and 1.7 inches narrower than Model S, allowing it to fit in tighter spaces.

Fremont PD announced that its Tesla Model Y will make one of its first public appearances at the Fremont Street Eats Public Safety Night on Friday, October 1, 2021, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Fremont General Library. In addition, the good news was spread through the Department's official Twitter account.

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