Tesla Full Self Driving FSD: Price to Increase by $2K 10/26, Worldwide Beta After Testing & Regulatory Approval, per Elon Musk

Tesla Full Self Driving FSD: Price to Increase by $2K 10/26, Worldwide Beta After Testing & Regulatory Approval, per Elon Musk

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Tesla's Autopilot team focused on the fundamental architectural rewriting of their neural networks and control algorithms in order to achieve Full Self-Driving (FSD). This rewrite will release those driving functions that would allow drivers to trust the vehicle to drive. 

Tesla on Tuesday sent the first re-write enabled FSD software update to a limited number of Early Access Program (EAP) users, with functionality for City Streets. As the company continues to collect data over time, the system will become increasingly reliable.

If beta testing among a limited number of users is successful, then there is a high probability that mass roll-out will begin as early as late 2020. Nevertheless, it is worth considering that the rewritten Autopilot, first of all, will make a lot of sense for US residents, since some important nuances may still arise when deploying worldwide.

Elon Musk stressed that, in different countries, the rules of the road, signs, and languages ​​are different, which requires separate work. In addition, there is a long and difficult path ahead for achieving a degree of high reliability which significantly exceeds human reliability. And Once Tesla completes testing, FSD must obtain regulatory approval.

Musk also said that, starting Monday, Tesla raises the price of FSD by $2,000. Beginning October 26, new owners will have to pay $10,000 to receive FSD. For the time being, the cost of FSD is still $8,000.

That the price has gone up is not a big surprise. Musk has always said that the cost of FSD will continue to rise as the company introduces new functionality and technologies to achieve Level 5 Autonomy. Evidently, this will happen even sooner than many thought. So for those interested in FSD, it may make good sense to save $2,000 and consider the purchase before October 26.

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