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Germany Gov Plans To Build 1000 Supercharging Locations Corresponds To The Tesla V2 SuperCharger

Germany Gov Plans To Build 1000 Supercharging Locations Corresponds To The Tesla V2 SuperCharger

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The National Control Center Infrastructure in Germany announced the creation of 1,000 charging stations for electric vehicles, which will offer at least 10,000 stalls. The minimum charge power is set at 150 kilowatts, and the Tesla Supercharger charging stations should become a model for this.

The program, which is currently planned and coordinated by the federal government, is designed to create a charging network that meets the characteristics of Tesla's Supercharger V2 stations and thus deserves the name of a fast-charging network, reports t3n. The federal government had previously tried to use subsidies to develop electricity charging infrastructure, but it was too slow.

"The current funding practice is not efficient enough," said Johannes Pallasch, Head of the National Control Center for Charging Infrastructure.

The new plan provides that the federal government will act as a client for the construction and operation of sites. At the same time, it exerts maximum influence on the concrete design of charging stations through tender conditions. The federal government will not take over the management of the stations, but will provide an impact on general operating conditions through contracts to be concluded with operators.

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Places for charging stations should be expandable and at least connected to a medium voltage network. This should guarantee a charging power of at least 150 kilowatts. This would be a quantum leap in Germany, where charging stations with output power from 22 to 50 kilowatts still prevail.

To achieve coverage in the proposal, the tender does not apply to individual stations, but must be held in batches in which stations are assigned in interesting and less interesting places as a package. The federal government wants to provide space for the construction of stations and ensure the same conditions for everyone.

Pallasch imagines that eventually a charging network will be created that works as conveniently as Tesla's Supercharger stations. For example, awnings and toilets can contribute to a particularly pleasant charging experience.

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