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Tesla Giga Shanghai Almost Completes Phase 2 Building for Model Y Production

Tesla Giga Shanghai Almost Completes Phase 2 Building for Model Y Production

Featured image: Jason Yang / YouTube

The construction of Giga Shanghai continues at a fairly fast pace and now, the construction of an industrial building for the production of Model Y is almost complete. In March, we observed the installation of piles for Phase 2, and by the end of June, installation of the production line had already begun.

The video, shot by Jason Yang, shows significant progress at the construction site. The roofing work of Phase 2 is almost complete. At present, there is still a small roof of the United Station and 2B waiting for capping. Yang draws attention to the fact that installation of the production line has already begun in building 2A.

Given such a high speed of construction work, we can safely assume that the Model Y made in China will begin mass production in the 1st quarter of 2021. Recently, Tesla has surprised us with a reduction in the waiting period for a new car. So, the production and delivery of Model Y in the USA began 6 months earlier than planned. That is why there is every reason to believe that the company will strive to implement this in the Chinese market. Given this, most likely Chinese customers will be able to get the first Model Y ahead of schedule.

It also recently became known that Tesla Giga Shanghai ordered more equipment from Miracle Automation for Phase 2. Tesla ordered equipment from the same company from which it was ordered for the first phase of the factory. Miracle Logistics works with Tesla since 2019 when it supplied RMB ¥ 420M of conveyors between assembly plant and paint shop in Giga Shanghai Phase 1.

According to Grace Tao, vice president of Tesla China, the equipment is most likely intended for the MIC Model Y plant, which is scheduled to begin production in the first quarter of 2021.



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