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Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Accelerates as Walls Fill in Rapidly & Site Prepares for Equipment Installation

Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Accelerates as Walls Fill in Rapidly & Site Prepares for Equipment Installation

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At Giga Berlin, the walls of the buildings continue to grow, giving us more and more insight into the final form of Phase 1. Primarily, separate workshops that have appeared throughout the development area will gradually merge with each other in order to form a solid building, which will then become the production site of the long-awaited Model Y.

Tesla is currently awaiting final environmental approval for the factory. Until it is received, the company has requested two more preliminary permits for the installation of equipment in the Paint Shop, and for the further harvesting of pine trees.

Various equipment for Giga Berlin has already been spotted several times. This time, a few ventilation units were seen on the site. It seems that, once Tesla receives permission to install the equipment, it will be completed as soon as possible, as some of it is already on the construction site.

In addition, the first harvester has already arrived. The company planned to harvest pine trees on another site, freeing up the area for a future road and for the next phase of construction.

The next areas that Tesla plans to clear will be the areas highlighted in green and pale red on the diagram.

In the meantime, preparations continue for Casting to install the giant Die Casting Machines. The first overhead crane was installed there. Unlike mobile or construction cranes, overhead cranes are typically used for either manufacturing or maintenance applications, where efficiency or downtime are critical factors.

However, the location of the crane--just above where the Giga Presses will be located--hints that it will be used to install the latest equipment that will be producing Tesla's revolutionary cars. At the moment, two of the eight sites for their installation are covered with small awnings, which hints that their installation may also soon begin.


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