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Tesla China-Made Model Y Spotted Road Testing Near Giga Shanghai as Mass Production Approaches

Tesla China-Made Model Y Spotted Road Testing Near Giga Shanghai as Mass Production Approaches

Image credit: @ray4tesla/Twitter

Giga Shanghai will soon begin mass production of the China-made Model Y. On the company's official website, the estimated production start date is indicated as early 2021. Meanwhile, test vehicles have already been spotted several times nearby or in the factory.

A camouflaged Model Y has been spotted again during road tests at the Lingang FTZ, in the area where Giga Shanghai is located, reports @ray4tesla/Twitter.

The first Model Y was seen at the end of August. One of Tesmanian's readers from China sent us some photos of Model Y being transported via flatbed. The car had been spotted on a highway in Yancheng City. We had no evidence to prove whether this Model Y had been manufactured in Giga Shanghai or imported from the US, however, the presence of camouflage had suggested that the manufacturer was trying to hide some new design elements.

In early November, a Model Y test sample, also covered with camouflage film, was spotted at the Giga Shanghai area. Sources said they had seen the vehicle on the same day, not far from the factory.

Source: @bentv_sh/Twitter

Then, in mid-November, near the buildings of Phase 2, a body in white Model Y was spotted. This served as confirmation that vehicles are already in production, albeit most likely just test production.

Source: WU WA/YouTube

Whether mass production of Model Y in China begins this year or early next year, it is a great sign that the cars have already been spotted repeatedly on the road. At the very least, test production of the vehicle has already begun, which means that soon China and other countries of the Asia region will receive their long-awaited compact SUVs.

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