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Tesla Giga Berlin Progress Continues to Astonish with Elon Speed, Tracks Mid-2021 Production

Tesla Giga Berlin Progress Continues to Astonish with Elon Speed, Tracks Mid-2021 Production

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Construction of Giga Berlin continues to charge ahead at a rapid pace. All buildings are under construction and, according to Tesla, equipment move-in will start over the coming weeks. The Giga Berlin team continues to grow and production is expected to begin in 2021. 

External work on the Drive Unit building is almost complete. At first glance, it seems that the roof is already completely insulated, although there are still boxes with insulation on it. The walls are now all completed and the facade has already been installed. The only thing missing is doors/shutters to close doorways.

The construction of the Paint Shop has achieved phenomenal success. At the moment, two of its blocks are almost completely connected and now we can see its clear shape. The installation of facades has already begun on the east side of the building.

In addition, it looks like the preparation of the premises for the installation of equipment has begun. In the western block, fasteners were installed on the walls that would possibly support ventilation pipes. It seems that one of these pipes has already been installed. Just behind the wall from the ventilation pipe, you can see large blocks that look like air conditioning units.

The installation of the Casting building's footings has already been completed and construction has moved on to the next stage. The installation of a reinforced screed is ongoing, which will provide high strength to the foundation of the building--and a solid foundation for the installation and use of giant die casting machines, "Giga Presses."

In addition to progress in the construction of the foundation, the installation of pillars for the building continues. They are equipped with strong reinforced concrete ceiling beams for increased strength of the entire building. The installation of the walls has already begun and a flight of stairs has been built. You will notice that the pillars are already installed to connect the Paint Shop and Casting buildings.

The General Assembly appears to have doubled in size. Although previously, almost all of the pillars had already been installed, the roof frames were only on part of the building. After most of them were installed and partially covered with a roof, there was a full realization of how big the General Assembly would ultimately be. You can see that the pillars and roof structures have already reached Body in White, and soon, the two buildings will be connected.

The construction of the Press Shop has made impressive progress. All piles have been installed long ago and the pouring of a massive concrete foundation has begun, which seems to be more than 13 feet high. After the completion of this stage, the construction of the building frame should begin.


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