Giga Berlin, runs on clean electricity, employs 12,000 workers

Giga Berlin, runs on clean electricity, employs 12,000 workers

Gigafactory 4 caused some controversy in the public. The Tesla community knew that the main goal of the company was to improve the environmental situation on a global scale, but those who did not own information about the company became victims of false information directed against the American automaker.

In order to help the public better understand what Tesla is, the company published new information about Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide on the information site.


For the first time, the company specifically discloses how many jobs should be created in Grünheide. According to information from the site, Tesla plans to hire up to 12,000 employees at the beginning of production in 2021. A number that clearly exceeds the estimate is initially reported. 

"We estimate that during Phase 1, we will employ up to 12,000 people, with roles being filled by local residents and employees from wider Europe. We want the best talent collaborating and working together to achieve the mission."

Tesla currently employs around 5,500 people in Europe. They are involved in the assembly of Model S and Model X in Tilburg, the Netherlands. In addition, Tesla Grohmann Automation in Prüm, Germany, specializes in the automation of the company's production processes.

Berlin economic senator Ramona Pop, shortly after the announcement of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, said that between 6,000 and 7,000 jobs are being discussed for the factory. Pop also said in November that thousands more jobs would be created elsewhere in Brandenburg and Berlin. However, up to this point, the website does not provide any information on other jobs in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

The American automaker plans to fill vacancies with locals and employees from all over Europe. This combination should help achieve ambitious production goals.

On the site you can now apply for jobs at the planned Giga Berlin. Now about 50 vacancies are announced on the site, some of them are posted, starting from the end of 2019. Tesla is looking for specialists in various fields: Operations & Business Support, Facilities, Supply Chain, Engineering & Information Technology, Legal & Government Affairs, Manufacturing and HR.

So far, only "Berlin" is indicated as a place of work. The factory is located in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis, about 3.7 miles, which is probably why this location is indicated.


The German Gigafactory 4 is currently being slowed down by conservationists. Various organizations criticize the American company for setting its own goals above environmental protection.

With regard to water supply, which has been a key criticism in the past, Tesla seeks to provide sufficient drinking water through measures to save water at the plant and further search for solutions.

"We are also working to ensure plenty of clean drinking water through water-saving measures in the factory as well as a structural solution with and for the community in the medium term."

Tesla clarifies some details on the new information website. The automaker confirms that it wants to strengthen the natural environment near the factory and throughout the state of Brandenburg.

"We are committed to improving the natural environment near the factory and in the wider state of Brandenburg. We aim to replant an area three times the factory plot, with mixed trees native to their habitat and the potential to become an old growth forest, while working with environmental and other expert groups for the best possible outcome."

Gigafactory should be equipped with a solar roof. In combination with the use of green electricity, this measure is designed to help the German state.

"Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg will have a solar roof and aims to use renewable electricity to help Germany and Brandenburg achieve its ambitious‘ Energiewende ’objectives."

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the location of Gigafactory was chosen, among other things, due to convenient transport links. The company wanted to optimally use these opportunities. The automaker also wants the railway connection for passengers to be as attractive as possible.

"We aim to maximize the benefits of the location’s excellent passenger and freight rail connections, by building an on-site rail freight yard, and making it as attractive as possible to commute to the factory by rail."

This information will certainly help clarify many of the questions that the public has had.


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