Tesla Giga Berlin Confirmed On Schedule for Model Y Production in 2021

by Eva Fox April 30, 2020

Tesla Giga Berlin Confirmed On Schedule for Model Y Production in 2021

During yesterday's earnings call, Tesla confirmed the production schedule for the Model Y in 2021 at its new Giga Berlin factory.

Due to the fact that almost all the preparatory work on the site has already been completed, the company said that the first deliveries of Model Y from its European plant will be according to plan in 2021.

"We recently finished the land preparation phase and are about to break ground on the construction phase of this project. Based on the current progress, we are on track to start the first Model Y deliveries from Gigafactory Berlin in 2021."

It is now known that Tesla has already officially paid for its 300-hectare land near Grünheide in the state of Brandenburg, Germany, where the Giga Berlin plant will ultimately be located. 

The State Ministry of the Environment Brandenbürg informed that Tesla transferred 43.4 million euros to pay for land. Tesla Brandenburg SE, a subsidiary of the leading US parent company Tesla, is already registered as a company in the German land registry.

The next step in the Tesla Giga Berlin project is to obtain permission from local authorities to begin construction of the plant itself. After the construction crews completed the leveling process on 90 hectares of land, Tesla applied for preliminary approval to begin construction of the plant in early April.

Tesla maintains its target schedule for Giga Berlin. Production of vehicles, batteries and power units, starting with model Y since July 2021.

Source: Tesla

Giga Berlin, along with Fremont and Giga Shanghai, will produce Model Y, the delivery of which will increase in 2021. 

"We expect that production of both Model Y in Fremont and Model 3 in Shanghai will continue to ramp gradually through Q2. We are continuing to build capacity for Model Y at Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Shanghai and remain on track to start deliveries from both locations in 2021."

Featured image: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

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