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Tesla Model Y Front End Single-Piece Casts Spotted at Giga Texas

Tesla Model Y Front End Single-Piece Casts Spotted at Giga Texas

Photos: Jeff Roberts/YouTube

2021 will be a year of extreme growth for Tesla as the company's two new factories begin operations. The first product to be built at those factories will be Model Y. Giga Shanghai has already started production of the electric SUV, and preparations for production is ongoing at Giga Berlin and Giga Texas. And now, the first front-end single-piece castings for Model Y have been spotted at Giga Texas.

In mid-January, parts for the assembly of the Giga Press arrived at Giga Texas. In just two weeks, the basic structure for the first machine was installed there, and in a few weeks, the assembly of the second one began. With the installation of the Giga Press at Tesla's Fremont plant, it took about two months from the start of installation until the first samples of single-piece castings were seen. Nevertheless, In Fremont, the machines were installed outdoor, and not inside the building. At Giga Texas, the installation of the Giga Presses occurs simultaneously with the construction of the building, so the installation time took longer, but the first samples have already been made.

Jeff Roberts/YouTube, while flying around the construction site with a drone, noticed that the first, most likely test samples of the single-piece castings were spotted near a Giga Press. They have never been filmed before, so they are probably the first samples made at Giga Texas.

The video shows about 13 pieces that are distinct from the rear single-piece castings, indicating that they are front pieces. Tesla is confidently moving towards the realization of its goal and the Model Y produced at Giga Texas will have a new architecture, consisting of front and rear single-piece casts. It also indicates that cars will have a new battery architecture. The battery cells are expected to be produced in the building, codenamed Bobcat Project.

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