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Tesla Giga Shanghai Phase 2 Main Structures Completed in Just 8 Months with ‘China Speed’

Tesla Giga Shanghai Phase 2 Main Structures Completed in Just 8 Months with ‘China Speed’
Construction of Giga Shanghai Phase 2 continues at a rapid pace. The exterior work is almost complete and equipment installation is underway, hinting that the facility will soon be operational. In a few months, we will see made-in-China Model Y rolling out from the assembly line and rocking the local market.

The new drone video from Jason Yang/YouTube demonstrates the colossal work done by the builders, and the result of their work is truly phenomenal. The main buildings of Giga Shanghai are almost complete. Phase 2A, also known as Tesla Giga Shanghai's Model Y production building, appears to be totally finished.


"This is a tough battle!", said the project manager of China Construction Eighth Engineering Co., Ltd. First Construction Co., Ltd., which was in charge of the construction of Phase 2 Giga Shanghai. “86,000 square meters, a construction period of more than 200 days, strict construction requirements and quality assurance took only half the time compared to similar works, and some projects even reached the construction point ahead of schedule,” he continued.

Prior to this, Phase 1 Giga Shanghai, where the Model 3 is being produced, set a construction speed record. It was built and put into production in just one year.

Construction of Phase 2 of the project began just over half a year ago and is now complete. At the moment, the installation and debugging of equipment are underway, which indicates the imminent launch of the facility into production. Giga Shanghai showcases the new "China speed" of construction.

Source: Jason Yang/YouTube

In late August, Tesla China posted a job posting on WeChat. Jobs are in 9 departments, including die-casting workshop, stamping workshop, motor workshop, final assembly workshop, logistics, and supercharging stations. In addition, 11 departments will recruit a number of managers and technicians. Giga Shanghai is probably actively preparing for the start of Model Y production.

Among them, the motor workshop is recruiting 180 production operators, the final assembly workshop is recruiting a total of 370 production operators, the body shop is recruiting 140 production operators, and the logistics department is recruiting 200 logistics forklift workers, totaling nearly 1,000 people.

Tesla plans to start mass production of the Model Y in the first quarter of 2021. On August 28, a Tesmanian reader in China sent us some very exciting pictures of a Model Y (test vehicle) being transported via flatbed. It was spotted on a highway in the city of Yancheng. However, we don't have evidence to confirm whether this Model Y was made at Giga Shanghai or imported from the US.


Since Phase 2A has already been completed and the equipment began to be installed at the end of Q2 2020, it is possible that the test production of the China-made Model Y has already begun.


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