Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model 3 Is Highest Quality Vehicle on Chinese Market with Least Complaints, Research Shows

Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model 3 Is Highest Quality Vehicle on Chinese Market with Least Complaints, Research Shows

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The quality of cars has always been a major criteria that matters to consumers. While the discussion of the quality of Tesla cars is given loud publicity and exaggeration, the quality of cars from other manufacturers is often left without discussion, but the facts clearly show that in this matter, everything is not as straightforward as it might seem at first glance. According to a recent study, the China-made Tesla Model 3 comes in as the highest quality vehicle on the China market with the least customer complaints.

According to the statistics provided by Sohu, the volume of complaints about passenger cars sold in China has increased for three consecutive years, which is alarming. In 2020, the annual sales rate for passenger cars with complaints was 31.9 per 10,000 units sold, and sedans even reached a rate of complaints of 36.5 per 10,000.

Nevertheless, despite the general sad situation among automakers, Tesla remains the brightest and most positive spot. In the presented rating, Tesla Model 3 took first place and has the least number of complaints from consumers at a remarkable 0.7 complaints per 10,000 cars sold. This result once again underlines how strongly and exaggerated the media spread false information about the quality of Tesla cars.

Source: Sohu

It should be noted that such manufacturers as Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Cadillac, and many others, have a much higher rate of quality complaints than Tesla. For example, Toyota Yaris is ranked ninth with a rate of 5.4 complaints per 10,000 sales, Volkswagen Jetta is 12th with 7.6, BMW Series 5 is 16th with 10.9, Audi A3 is 33rd with 21.1, and Honda Civic took 39th place with 28.6. All these figures demonstrate once again that the quality of Tesla Model 3 significantly exceeds the quality of models of other automakers, and the constant availability of negative information about the quality of Tesla cars is artificially created in order to purposefully form a negative opinion about the brand.

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